Trump wins Florida

Trump has easily won Florida. At 57% of the vote he has 45% to 28% for Rubio and 17% for Cruz.

This will see Rubio pull out leaving Trump, Kasich and Cruz.

Kasich may win Ohio and get 66 delegates there. Let’s assume he does. Where does that leave things.

  1. Trump 568
  2. Cruz 370
  3. Rubio 163
  4. Kasich 129
  5. Carson 8

So if they need 1,237 to win, and there are 1,237 delegates to go, what percentage do they need to win.

  1. Trump 54%
  2. Cruz 70%
  3. Rubio 87%
  4. Kasich 90%

There is no way Rubio or Kasich can win that many and get a majority.

It is near impossible for Cruz to get 70% of the remaining delegates, unless Trump imploded.

So the reality is either Trump will be the nominee, or it will be a contested convention.

I’m both appalled and excited!

UPDATE: Rubio suspends his campaign

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