Former IPCC boss claims big oil framed him for sexual harrassment!

Breitbart reports:

, the disgraced former head of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), has produced an ingenious defence against the sexual harassment charges he is now facing in an Indian court.
It turns out that, no he didn’t pester, bombard with emails, and grope the attractive female employee at his TERI climate research institute.

Rather, the whole thing is the result of an evil conspiracy by climate change sceptics and right-wing think tanks, funded by Big Oil. Apparently they hacked into all his computer accounts and, without his knowledge, sent a series of flirtatious emails and love poems to his unnamed accuser.

Wow that Big Oil is crafty.

If – as Pachauri claims – this really was a hack, then his persecutors certainly have a twisted sense of humour.

One of the emails he supposedly sent reads:

“I will go on a fast after a cricket match … I will break the fast only when you believe I love you with sincerity and unfathomable depth.”

Pleased to see his priorities were correct – cricket then fasting.

Sadly, though, it would appear that the Guardian article is already the subject of much ridicule in the Indian media.

First, Pachauri’s claims of hacking have already been rejected by the police investigators, who found no evidence of it.

Also, the offending messages came not only from Pachauri’s computers but also in form of text messages from his phone.

Big Oil knows no bounds!