RSAs no longer need permission to serve alcohol on ANZAC Day

The Herald reports:

RSAs won’t have to apply for a special licence to serve a tipple to veterans on Anzac Day morning after a change to the law was fast-tracked.

Opposition parties supported the changes – but were critical an law passed in 2012 had meant RSAs faced an expensive licensing process.

The member’s bill was put up by National MP Paul Foster-Bell at the request of the RSA, and amends legislation which requires RSAs to get a special licence, costing about $500 each year, to serve alcohol before midday on Anzac Day.

Good to see the RSA clubs spared the cost.

We have a growing problem with the alcohol licence bureaucracy. The Police are using the licence process to try and impose their views on licensees. They are telling license applicants that unless they agree to whatever the Police demand, they will oppose their licence. And their demands range from earlier closing hours to only stocking types of alcohol the Police officer agrees with.

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