Sign of success when a youth wing gets its own protesters

The Herald reports:

Police officers stood at the door of Auckland’s Heritage Hotel last night, as about 80 protesters played music and chanted outside the venue.

Sophie Morgan of Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) said the group was protesting the event to draw attention to increased inequality.

She said beneficiaries, the unemployed, and low-wage workers were hit the hardest, while the rich continued to benefit.

“The Young Nats are celebrating while the policies of the National Party continue to wage a war on the poor.”

Such awful people that they can’t let a bunch of 18 to 25 year olds have a social function together.

As for their war on the poor, did they miss the first ever increase in core benefits rates since 1972 that came into force last week?

Basically these protesters would never ever be satisfied with anything National does, because simply their politics are hard left. Fair enough – but they look pathetic protesting outside a youth wing social function,

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