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A Newshub Reid Research poll was released yesterday. Details are at Curia.

The Newshub story says Key has plummeted as Preferred PM as he has dropped 1.5% in 6 months. This is of course not even statistically significant let alone a plummet of any kind.

I thought it would be useful to compare the Preferred PM ratings of May 2016, with May 2007 – the same point in Labour’s third term.

In May 2007 the PM was at 30% Preferred PM and in May 2016 the PM is at 37% Preferred PM.

In May 2007 the Opposition Leader was at 32% Preferred PM and in May 2016 the Opposition Leader is at 9% Preferred PM.

So Clark was trailing by 2% in May 2007, while in May 2016 Key leads Little by 28%.

Also for those interested in May 2007, National in Opposition was 12% ahead of Labour in the . In May 2016 Labour in Opposition are 16% behind National in the .

Yet Newshub trumpet their poll as bad news for National!

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