Libertarian Party selects Johnson and Weld

The Washington Post reports:

William Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts who made a late-career leap to the Libertarian Party, won its vice presidential nomination Sunday after a close and raucous convention vote.

“This is a national ticket,” Weld said. “We can offer something meaningful and realistic to the country.”

Weld’s nomination, secured after a day of drama and in-person lobbying, gave the 45-year-old party the most electorally experienced ticket in its history. Gary Johnson, a two-term governor of New Mexico, won the party’s presidential nomination for the second time. He made two trips to the stage of the convention, held at Orlando’s Rosen Centre, to ask delegates not to write off Weld as a latecomer or interloper.

The Libertarian team have more executive experience than Clinton and Trump. They’ve both been elected and re-elected as popular Governors. Their chances are minuscule but they’re who I’d back.

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