An offensive t-shirt should get you criticised, not arrested

Stuff reports:

The 50-year-old from Worcester, England was kicked out of a pub for his offensive shirt on the weekend.

His shirt said the disaster was “Gods [sic] way of helping RENTOKILL”.

Rentokill is a pest control company.

The Hillsborough disaster left 96 dead and 766 injured as fans crammed into an overcrowded section of the Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield.

The victims were mainly Liverpool supporters.

A picture of Grange’s shirt was posted on Facebook and Twitter along with his home address.

Social media users have taken delight in flooding his home with deliveries.

But it is unclear how many of the items have actually ended up on his doorstep.

Mr Grange is a moron. He deserves criticism and worse. Not at all funny to celebrate the deaths of 96 people.

Matters got worse for Grange when he was arrested.

A statement from Worcester Police confirmed he had been taken into custody on Monday (Tuesday NZ Time).

“The man… was arrested by officers this morning… on suspicion that with intent he displayed writing which was threatening, abusive, insulting and caused harassment, alarm or distress,” the statement said.

But in no way should this be a criminal matter. An insulting t-shirt should not be a crime.

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