Gould praises Brexit vote


It is amazing and wonderful that ordinary British people have at this late stage – after 43 years of membership – refused to be bullied and patronised by their supposed betters, by so-called experts and powerful financial interests, into betraying their own experience and judgment. The result is a new start for both Britain and Europe and a new and better prospect for both.

Gould also looks at Corbyn’s arguments for staying:

Jeremy Corbyn has – through timidity rather than conviction – put himself on the losing side and missed the chance to exploit for Labour the unavoidable blow to the authority of the Tory Government that the decision represents.

He took refuge in an argument for remaining that should surely have no place in the vocabulary of a Labour leader. He urged Labour supporters to vote remain on the surprising ground that there were provisions, particularly concerning workers’ rights, that were beyond the reach of democratic change by an elected British Government.

How odd that Labour should endorse the concept of government by an unelected European bureaucracy.

Corbyn’s argument was that an unelected EU could protect workers from democracy in the UK!

How much more constructive and politically astute if he had faithfully represented the views of Labour voters (and almost certainly his own personal preference) as a step towards a democratically elected Labour Government that would have been the best protector of workers’ rights.

Well that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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