North Korea endorses Trump

The Telegraph reports:

has won the backing of a major newspaper – in North Korea.

DPRK Today, the official state paper of Kim Jong-un’s regime, published an editorial on Tuesday calling Mr Trump a “wise politician” and “far-sighted presidential candidate”.

It was Mr Trump’s hands-off policies toward Asia that earned him the plaudits of the author, identified as a Chinese North Korean scholar named Han Yong Mook.

I think this is the first newspaper to endorse Trump, except those he owns.

Mr Trump said recently that he would be open to direct communications with Mr Kim, in a break with the long-standing policy of freezing out the country’s antagonistic regime.

He has also warned America’s Asian allies, including South Korea and Japan, that he will withdraw US troops if they do not contribute more toward the costs associated with basing them there.

The presumptive Republican nominee has more broadly advocated an “America First” foreign policy that would see the US play a less forceful role in disputes beyond its borders.

While calling on America to adopt those policies immediately, the article urges US voters not to choose Mr Trump’s “dull” rival, Hillary Clinton, in November’s election.

 So Trump has both Putin and Kim Jong-Un backing him.

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