Should the wife be charged?

The Herald reports:

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s wife knew he was planning a mass shooting, went on location scouting trips, accompanied her husband to buy ammunition and never warned authorities, new reports claim.

The only thing Noor Zahi Salman did to prevent the worst gun massacre in US history was try to talk her husband out of it, FBI sources told NBC and ABC.

Salman, 30, admitted she was with Mateen, 29, when he bought his ammunition and holster.

And she drove him to Pulse nightclub and other target scenes – including Walt Disney World – “because he wanted to scope them out”.

In fact, they visited Disney World more than once to survey the area before Mateen opted for Pulse, law enforcement sources told CBS.

However, Salman never made any attempts to contact authorities about the impending terror attack.

According to the NBC report, authorities are “considering” charges against Salman for not reporting her husband’s massacre plan. The FBI said she is cooperating fully with the investigation.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances (she had been threatened if she said anything) then I think there is a clear case for her being an accessory.

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