The reoffending rate

Judith Collins released:

The number of people going on to re-offend after completing a sentence has decreased by 25 per cent from 2011, Corrections Minister Judith Collins said today.

“This is excellent progress, and I’m very proud of the hard work the Department of Corrections has done to get to this point. Reducing re-offending is hugely important because less crime means fewer victims and safer communities.”

Corrections aims to reduce re-offending by 25 per cent by 2017.  As of December 2015, the rate of re-offending has fallen by 6.8 per cent since 2011. 

“Unfortunately the re-offending rate is affected by a small group of individuals who are offending more often and more seriously.”

Up until reading this release I had not reflected on the difference between the re-offending rates for offences and people.

It’s a great thing 25% fewer people are re-offending.

But the re-offending rate has only fallen 7% as some offenders are re-offending more often.

It is possible they are a hard core who will not respond to , and there will come a point where you just have to keep them in jail for longer and longer to protect the community.

But those who do respond and stop re-offending should be given considerable support to do so.

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