Trump drops 7% reports:

HILLARY Clinton leads Donald Trump by double digits in a new national poll — a stark reversal for the mogul, who one month ago led the same poll by two percentage points.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll finds Clinton at 51 per cent to Trump’s 39 per cent — her largest lead in the survey since last fall.

A month ago, the same poll had Trump at 46 per cent and Clinton at 44 per cent, reports the New York Post.

So he is down 7% and she is up 7%. And this is even before the conventions. The Democratic convention will be a fairly unified affair with keynote speeches from Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton, Sanders and of course Hillary.

The Republican convention is struggling to find anyone prominent to attend, let alone speak!

Trump is not just going to cost the Republicans the presidency against a candidate whom was very vulnerable, but also the Senate and much of their House majority. Oh, and also the Supreme Court for maybe the next 20 years or so.

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