Boris appointed Foreign Secretary

Theresa May is announcing her new Cabinet and the most interesting decision is to make Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary. Boris is well known for once quipping he may have to do a global apology tour of countries he has offended.

The Atlantic has an article on all the foreign leaders he has insulted. He does have the redeeming virtue of being mainly correct in his criticisms. He recently won a contest for the most offensive poem about the President of Turkey (to protest a German comedian being prosecuted in Germany for offending him).

Boris may be a huge success (he is very smart, speaks multiple languages and knows history well) or he could get the UK involved in some wars. It will not be boring.

Other appointments to date are:

  • Philip Hammond replaces George Osborne as Chancellor
  • Amber Rudd replaces Theresa May as Home Secretary
  • David Davis becomes Minister for Brexit
  • Liam Fox becomes Trade Secretary

Smart appointment of David Davis – the pro Brexit Conservatives will be pleased, and the part may unite better now with a pro-Remain PM but pro-Brexits in key positions.

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