Does Goff have any policies?

The Herald reports:

, a Labour MP and former Housing Minister, offered little in the way of solutions for poor people affected by the city’s housing crisis at a mayoral debate in South Auckland last night.

Gordon Myer, of the CAB in Manurewa, said every day he saw the misery of people who cannot find a home.

“What, if anything, can council do to make God’s Own really God’s Own?” Myer asked four mayoral candidates, Goff, Vic Crone, Mark Thomas and John Palino.

Goff expressed sympathy for the problem, told a couple of stories about people sleeping rough in cars and threw in a few numbers about the housing shortage. His only hint of a solution was working in partnership with the Government to deliver on basic needs for human beings.

It is understood Goff, a leading contender to replace Len Brown who is stepping down at October’s local body elections, will issue a housing policy next month.

A policy would be a nice thing. So far Goff has made no specific commitments on pretty much anything.

Phil Twyford has said Labour’s policy is to abolish the MUB (formerly the RUB). However the only people who can do this are the . Will Phil Goff specify that as Mayor he would propose and vote for abolishing the MUB?

That is the one thing that more than anything else would reduce house inflation in Auckland.

Phil Twyford gets it. Will Goff?

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