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ACT point out:

Green Times
According to her Green Party bio, Green MP is ‘an online activist.’ She is now travelling to the Middle East to protest the blockade of the strip. We can only assume she has paid her own way including carbon credits, and she will be speaking out against the homophobia and misogyny in as well as the Israeli blockade.

Good to know everything is so good here that the big focus is Israel trying to stop suicide bombers.

Hamas, who control Gaza, are real friends of the people. Their record includes:

  • seizing union property
  • killing the union deputy general secretary
  • torturing people for being gay
  • banned girls from riding on motor scooters with men
  • banned women from doing marathons
  • banned a book of Palestinian folk-tales
  • beaten people for wearing hair gel

Will Marama Davidson be protesting against any of that?

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