Greens against getting more people in social housing

Newshub reports:

Green Party co-Leader Metiria Turei is defending Housing New Zealand (HNZ) after Newshub revealed thousands of three-bedroom state homes are being occupied by a single person.

Now the logical thing to do is move these people into smaller state homes. But Labour and oppose moving a tenant out of a state home, no matter how their circumstances change.

This means that fewer people get into a state house.

Ms Turei believes many of the tenants in the apparently under-occupied properties have family staying with them, but can’t tell HNZ because they’re too scared they’ll be kicked out.

Now think about the implications of this. Turei is saying that tenants actually have many more people living in them, but not telling HNZ because if they did their income level would be too high to qualify.

So again the Greens support state homes not going to those most in need, but just those who happen to already have one – and tough luck to those who have greater needs.

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