Mandatory alcohol interlock devices

Stuff reports:

New Zealand’s worst drink-drivers will soon be forced to have devices installed in their cars which stop them from driving over the limit – and they’ll have to foot the bill.

The Government says making the alcohol interlock devices mandatory for serious and repeat drink-drivers will makes Kiwis safer – and a former offender says the device kept him from having “blood on my hands”.

Alcohol interlock devices disable a vehicle from being driven if alcohol is detected on the breath of a driver, who must breathe into the system to start the engine.

This is a great idea.

Repeat drink drivers have a serious problem. You only get tested probably 1 in 100 times you are out driving. So those who have say three or four convictions may have driven drunk several hundred times.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss announced the devices will become mandatory for anyone convicted of two or more drink-driving offences within five years, as well as first-time offenders caught driving more than 3.2 times over the legal limit.

That sounds well targeted.

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