Why Peters won’t be able to do a Trump

Politik writes:

Nevertheless, there is an increasing frequency of thinking aloud in Wellington as to whether a Trump phenomenon could happen in New Zealand.

Clearly, Winston Peters, who has spoken enthusiastically of Trump, seeks to tap into the same angry anti-establishment, anti-free trade electorate that Trump pitches too.

So could Peters become New Zealand’s, Trump?

That’s the wrong question. Trump has followed the same pattern as Peters and other populists.  Find a segment of the population to blame for everything, stand for nothing, and believe you are the solution to everything.

The question is why has Trump been so successful while Peters leads a party that is normally around 8% in the polls?

The answer is their backgrounds. Trump prior to entering politics was a prominent businessman, billionaire and major media/TV figure.

Peters before he became an MP was a provincial lawyer.

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