WCC Mayoral candidates on local government structure

Do you support a change to the structure of local government in the Wellington Region, and if so to what?

  • Nick Leggett: Yes. Local Government needs to do better, either by shared services or structural amalgamation. The final decider should be communities via a binding referendum.
  • Nicola Young: Abolish the Regional Council, which I have described as ‘the Malvina Major home for retired politicians’. Establish an integrated transport authority.
  • Justin Lester: I support regional shared services for economic development, water and IT, which have already commenced, and I would like to see similar entities for waste and transport.
  • Helene Ritchie: I favour cost effective, efficient in-house activities, and democratic open government
  • Andy Foster: Support Wairarapa merger. Seek opportunities for more shared services esp in transport and waste management
  • Jo Coughlan: I think the amalgamation horse has bolted. I support shared services and any other practical ideas resulting in efficiencies.