Homeless prefer pies!

The Herald reports:

An Auckland vegetarian cafe were shocked when the Auckland City Mission declined their offer for free, healthy food.

But Auckland City Mission says declining the deliveries was a mistake which happened because of a miscommunication and the charity would like to start up the partnership again.

Lisa Burne, operations manager at Revive, said the cafe had been providing the Mission with leftover food every Thursday and Friday for six to eight weeks when a City Mission staff member called to tell her the donations were no longer needed because the Mission’s clients wouldn’t eat them.

She said the conversation left her “completely dumbfounded”. “I would have thought it would be in their best interest to provide wholesome food.”

Staff at the Mission had initially been “very, very keen and excited” to receive the food, Burne said, but less than two months later they asked for the deliveries to stop because clients preferred the cakes and pies provided by other supporters.

Revive founder and owner Jeremy Dixon said the charity did “amazing” work, often under difficult circumstances, however, he had been surprised by its response.

“We were absolutely flabbergasted.”

We obviously need a tax on pies to solve this problem!

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