IOD on artificial intelligence

The (and Chapman Tripp) has published a report looking at the opportunities and challenges for NZ of artificial intelligence.

The report raises 15 key questions:

Prosperity and wellbeing

1. How can we use AI to build our competitive advantage in key industries?
2. Is New Zealand investing enough in AI development?
3. How do we ensure the benefits of AI are broadly shared across our economy and society?

Jobs and the economy

4. What industries will be most disrupted by AI?
5. What impact will AI have on our economy as some jobs are replaced by AI-driven automation?
6. How do we encourage new jobs and industries that AI may promote?
7. How does our education system need to evolve to address the changes AI will bring?

Legal and policy issues

8. Should decisions made by AI systems be attributed to their creators?
9. Should AI systems be recognised in law as legal persons?
10. Are New Zealand’s regulatory and legislative processes adaptive enough to respond to and encourage innovations in AI?

Privacy and ethics

11. What does privacy mean to New Zealanders in an AI world?
12. What ethical challenges will the widespread use of AI raise?
13. Do we have the right frameworks to protect data and make sure it can be used most effectively by AI systems?
14. What controls and limitations should be placed on AI technologies?
15. Is New Zealand doing enough to keep ahead?

Issue 8 is very interesting. Who is responsible for decisions made by artificial intelligence systems?

A fascinating report.

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