Five out of seven Labour comms staff gone

Stuff reports:

The revolving door continues for with a new appointment being made at the same time another staffer quits.

And now there’s another job to be advertised following a fifth resignation from the communications team.

Hayden Munro who has been speech-writing for Little and was promoted to a senior communications advisor in recent months has also quit.

Five out of seven comms staff quit within six months – that is so not a coincidence. And with less than a year to the election, pretty unheard of.

He’s accepted a position in new Wellington Mayor Justin Lester’s office creating a one-for-one swap scenario between the Mayor and Opposition leader’s offices.

Munro worked heavily on Lester’s campaign in the lead up to the election last month.

In his spare time I am sure, just as the Labour Whips office staffer was also producing videos for him in his spare time.

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