Idiocy from NZ First


The government needs to instruct police to request non-locals malingering in Kaikoura to continue their travels before they start over-staying their welcome, says New Zealand Deputy Leader Ron Mark.

So NZ First is calling for the Police to evict foreigners from Kaikoura. They really have jumped the shark.

“During a visit by New Zealand First to Kaikoura this morning, we were advised there is some frustration with non-locals and non-emergency helpers who have decided to prolong their stay in the town and are accepting the tremendous generosity of locals.

“Some of these people have been spending their nights drinking and partying.

Oh my God. Young backpackers from overseas who survived a 7.8 earthquake have had some drinks. I’d be doing the same in their situation.

And NZ First think this somehow the Police should be involved.

It is interesting that Labour and Greens have generally been constructive over the response to the earthquake but NZ First has put out a series of ever shriller press releases which just make them look ridiculous.

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