Little contradicting himself on euthanasia

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The Herald reported:

There is zero chance of Government introducing legislation to legalise euthanasia even if an inquiry strongly recommends it, Prime Minister John Key says.

A select committee is part-way through a major inquiry on public attitudes to euthanasia in New Zealand, and is considering more than 20,000 public submissions and holding hearings around the country.

Key said today that regardless of the committee’s conclusions and the level of public support, the Government would not propose a change.

“There is no chance of it being a Government bill,” Key told reporters at Parliament this morning. …

“Ultimately you’re dealing with a really sensitive issue and I think the process is best handled through a member’s bill, as I’ve said so often before,” Key said.

Okay, so as with most conscience issues this would not be a Government bill.

Leader Andrew Little said the Government should “at least” allow a euthanasia bill to come before the House so a debate could take place.

So Little is saying the Government should introduce a bill on euthanasia.

However, he said a law change would not be a priority for a Labour-led Government.

But that if he was in Government, he wouldn’t do it!!

And this is the same Andrew Little who banned Labour MPs from entering a euthanasia bill into the members’ ballot!!

He just can’t stop himself criticising the Government, even when he agrees with them!

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