NZ has 9th smallest gender gap in the world

The World Economic Forum has published its 2016 Global Gender Gap report. NZ is ranked 9th best in the world with an average gap of 0.781 – up from 0.751 in 2006.

The top ten are:

  1. Iceland 0.874
  2. Finland 0.845
  3. Norway 0.842
  4. Sweden 0.815
  5. Rwanda 0.800
  6. Ireland 0.797
  7. Philippines 0.786
  8. Slovenia 0.786
  9. NZ 0.781
  10. Nicaragua 0.780

A nice reminder that having a small gap can just mean people are equally miserable, such as in Nicaragua.

NZ is ranked top in the world for female literacy rates, secondary education enrolment and tertiary education enrolment. Also top for the number of female professional and technical workers.

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