Seymour proposes some better names for Auckland

The Herald reports:

An executive has responded to public backlash against the spending of $500,000 on a new city slogan, saying it is a small part of a bigger “Auckland Story”.

No, no, no. Stop now. If the slogan cost $500,000 how much will the entire story cost?

The city’s proposed new global brand – The Place Desired by Many – was worked on by three project staff over two years, while 115 council staff attended workshops.

Reaction to the slogan has been mostly negative.

Act leader David Seymour slammed it, and offered some alternatives of his own.

And they are:

  • The place where my kids will afford a home before I die
  • the place where I’m not stuck in traffic all the time
  • the place where my consents get processed within the 20-day statutory requirement
  • the place where my rates bear some resemblance to services rendered.”

Much better.

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