Shaw a hit at Labour conference

Stuff reports:

Green Party co-leaders Metiria Turei and were invited onto the stage at the opening of ’s annual conference in Auckland in a symbolic sign of the closer cooperation between the two Left-leaning parties.

Shaw was also invited to address the conference in a cameo speech on the first day of the three day conference.

And Shaw was a hit, getting more applause than Little it seems.


And they seem worried over Gareth Morgan:

And he said Labour could rely on the .

In a side swipe at the new Gareth Morgan-led party, he said: “and we quite like cats”.

Labour can rely on the Greens, but can the Greens rely on Labour? It is well known that Winston has said it is non negotiable that the Greens not be part of any Government he supports – not even Under Secretaries.

On current polling, if support for Labour and the Greens are combined the two parties would be competitive with National. But both sides would rely on NZ First to govern.

Actually on current polling Labour and Greens are 10% behind and National could form a Government again with ACT and United Future.

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