Tell us what you really think Kerre!

Kerre McIvor writes in the HoS:

I almost lost my job because of .

Years ago, I used to host a radio show on Sunday morning.

During the course of a conversation, I described Tamaki in a way he obviously took objection to.

A few days later, my boss received a letter from Tamaki’s lawyer.

The leader of the Destiny Church wanted a public apology.

My boss asked me to apologise to make Tamaki and his lawyers go away.

I refused.

My boss then told me it was no longer a request but an order.

It was either an apology or a long and costly court battle that Tamaki’s Destiny empire could probably afford more than our company.

I dug my toes in. I believed what I said, I thundered. It was outrageous my boss was even giving him the time of day.

I yelled and door slammed and flounced but ultimately, it was either apologise or quit my job.

If it had happened now, I would have resigned.

Back then, I still had a daughter in school and a hefty mortgage.

I couldn’t afford my principles.

So I had to read out a prepared apology and I had to sound like I meant it.

It was like coughing up a giant fur ball.

I loathed Tamaki then and I loathe him all the more now.

I’d love to know what Kerre said that generated the complaint!

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