Yay – 110 km/hr speed limit

Stuff reports:

A 110kmh looks likely to be introduced on some New Zealand roads.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss said a proposed new speed management guide, released on Thursday, would “modernise New Zealand’s approach to managing speed” and enable a limit of 110kmh on some roads.

“To be eligible for a 110kmh limit, a road will have to meet very strict conditions, including having a median barrier, at least two lanes in each direction and no direct access to neighbouring properties,” he said.

Excellent. As our road quality improved, the speed limit should reflect safer roads.

Others likely to become eligible include the soon-to-be completed Kapiti Expressway, the northern section of Christchurch Motorway, and the Transmission Gully motorway north of Wellington when it is finished in 2020.


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