Posting Policy

1. Who has the right to post comments on this blog?

Apart from me, no-one at all has the right to post comments. Posting is a privilege, not a right.

2. Okay, so who is allowed to post comments here?

Anyone at all, up until the stage I ask them to stop or suspend them. I welcome comments, and they add a lot of enjoyment to the blog for myself, and I am sure others. Advertising spam however is always unwelcome and is deleted and blacklisted on a regular basis.

Note that the first comment from a new commenter will be held for moderation as an anti-spam check. Once your initial comment has been approve, all future comments will appear automatically.

3. Have you ever banned anyone from posting?

Sadly, it now numbers quite a few

4. What is the easiest way to get banned?

To attack me personally. Quite simply it will not be tolerated. I welcome people to disagree with my views, to correct my errors, to debate what I assert, but if you attack my integrity, my character etc I will terminate your privileges.

4. How long does a ban last?

It is up to me, but my policy at the moment is one week for the first time you get banned, two weeks the second time, then one month, two months etc etc. It doubles every time. The theory is people learn from this. The theory is sadly lacking empirical evidence for some people.

Once the period of your ban is over, e-mail me and I will re-enable your account.

4. So how else can I get banned?

It is subjective, and ultimately a decision on whether the nature and style of your posts is detracting from the usability of the blog. The idea is to be debating issues and events.

If I think that your purpose is to disrupt the blog, rather than genuinely offer honest opinion, I’ll lose patience at some stage. If you continually turn the blog into a personal flamewar I’ll suggest you go get your own blog.