Chris Kahui attacks Key and Bennett

December 22nd, 2015 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Whale Oil reports:

AN IRATE Chris Kahui has taken to Facebook to support Maori nationalists seeking to undermine the John Key-led National Government.

The usually reserved Kahui, who was acquitted back in 2008 of murdering his three-month-old twin sons Chris and Cru, has fallen in behind extremists wanting Key’s Government to legislate for the return of confiscated Maori land. …

Recently Kahui ‘shared’ this post from Maori Life on his Facebook page: “What a pathetic leader you are John Key and your best mate Paula (Bennett) who likes to tell people they can’t have the support like she did many years ago. These two should be run out of the country for good. Two low life scum of the earth people,”  

You know having Chris Kahui call you a low life scum of the earth person is probably a great compliment.

Coroner say Chris Kahui did it

July 26th, 2012 at 7:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

The Kahui twins met a violent death while in the sole care of their father Chris Kahui, who went on to lie repeatedly to protect himself from blame, a coroner has found.

Mr Kahui, who was found not guilty of the murder of sons Chris and Cru in a 2008 High Court trial, has rejected the findings outright and reaffirmed he denies any involvement in the untimely deaths of his babies.

A report released today by coroner Garry Evans finds that Mr Kahui was alone with the 3-month-olds for at least three minutes on the day they received their fatal injuries in 2006. …

The coroner’s finding states: “The court is satisfied . . . to the required standard of proof, that the traumatic brain injuries suffered by Chris and Cru Kahui were incurred by them during the afternoon/early evening of 12 June 2006, whilst they were in the sole custody, care and control of their father at 22 Courtenay Crescent, Mangere, Auckland.”

Despite family wanting to take the babies to hospital after the incident, Mr Kahui refused. …

Mr Evans finds that, during the resulting police and coronial investigations, Mr Kahui repeatedly lied and changed his evidence.

“The evidence given by Chris Kahui was unreliable, conflicting and, on many occasions, untrue. The court [meaning Mr Evans] formed a poor view of his credibility.

Not as good as a criminal conviction, but at least the truth has been established by the Coroner.

The ten minute Kahui acquittal

May 23rd, 2008 at 7:30 am by David Farrar

Well it was a six week trial and it took the jury only ten minutes to find Chris Kahui not guilty.

I am not surprised. Even before the trial started the case seemed to lack the beyond reasonable doubt element to it.

And informed sources who actually sat through the entire six weeks were adamant the verdict would be not guilty.

The Police have made it clear they will not be charging anyone else, so the sad thing is the killer of the twins has got away with it – whoever they may be.

Having a suspicious nature, and remembering how the family refused to co-operate with the Police, I do wonder whether there was a deliberate strategy to have both parents blame each other – knowing that would generate reasonable doubt for both.