Good crowd sourcing by the Herald

February 26th, 2015 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

The New Zealand Herald has today launched an experiment in crowdsourcing following the release of donations and expenses’ returns for candidates at the 2014 general election.

The Electoral Commission has published returns for all 462 candidates, including all 121 current members of Parliament. Donations and expenses for candidates from the previous 2011 election are also available.

This is an enormous potential dataset and the Herald has uploaded nearly 900 documents to its own microsite, Money in Politics, allowing members of the public to interact with and analyse the data.

That’s a smart move. Going through 900 returns would take one reporter ages and drive them to suicide. But many people wil be happy to read through one or two and summarise them.

So far 468 out of 473 donation returns for 2014 have been done.  But only two out of 473 expense returns.

Solid Energy documents

May 21st, 2013 at 2:18 pm by David Farrar

Treasury has just released a mound of documents on Solid Energy. There’s over 100 documents so I’m not going to try and read them all.

I am looking at some around the proposed Natural Resources Ltd. if any readers are bored, feel free to read a few docs, and comment below any interesting aspects of them.

Help Paige

October 8th, 2012 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Paige Hareb-Vimeo- Sportfunder from Bruce Gatward-Cook on Vimeo.

Taranaki girl Paige Hareb is one of the world’s best surfers. Also a gutsy boxer against Hayley Holt! Anyway being from NZ she is less well funded than many of her competitors and is trying to crowdsource her tour costs.

I’m hoping to raise $30,000 in 60 days with your help. I’m going to need this money to help pay for my 2013 World Tour airfares to and from Australia, Brazil, Europe, USA and possibly South Africa, plus my accommodation expenses in each place.

Depending on how much  you give me, I’ll give you something back in return to show my appreciation of your support 😉

– $10+ sponsors get a huge thanks from me and I’ll also sign you up to receive emails and updates from my 2013 travels and World Tour Campaign.

– $25+ sponsors get the above plus a digital copy of a signed surfing photo of me, with a message on it thanking you for your support!

– $50+ sponsors get all of the above plus a free (signed) Paige Hareb Canteen t-shirt with one of her favorite quotes “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. Note: A percentage of this goes to Canteen. (Including postage within NZ)

– $100+ sponsors get 3 t-shirts, plus all of the above as well! Note: A percentage of this also goes to Canteen. (Includes postage within NZ)

– $400+ sponsors get all of the above plus a ladies steamer size 10 wetsuit. I’ve only got two of these, so limited to the first two. (Includes postage within NZ)

– $1000+ sponsors will get 3 hours with me in person. This must take place in Taranaki or when I’m in your town (you’ll have to travel to me if our schedules don’t coincide). I’d love to go surfing with your kids, have lunch with your family, or sign autographs in at your shop etc. Anything within reason.

– $2000+ sponsors will get a full day’s surf coaching from yours truly. This must take place in Taranaki or when I’m in your town (you’ll have to travel to me if our schedules don’t coincide).

– $3000+ sponsors will be able to have their logo (sticker) placed on my surfboard for the 2013 Taranaki World Tour event to promote their cause, business, or brand. Size approximately A4, top and bottom of surfboard. Note: If for whatever reason the Taranaki event does not take place next year, you will be able to transfer this reward to another World Tour event of your choosing.

– $6000+ as above but for the entire Australasian leg of the tour (up to 4 competitions) likely to include Taranaki (NZ), Bells (Melbourne), Snappers (Gold Coast), and Manly (Sydney).

– $10000+ as above but for all of the 2013 Women’s World Tour events (up to 8 events in total). Great exposure for a global brand!

Everyone who supports me goes in to the draw to win one of my Mt Woodgee surfboards signed by me! To be drawn after the 60 days and only if I reach my goal.

Stay tuned on my Facebook and twitter accounts for updates and maybe more prizes along the way!

Great to see crowdsourcing being used to support NZ sportspeople. I’ve made a donation, and hope others will do. Hareb is from all accounts really down to earth, and a great ambassador for NZ sports.