The new MP for Dunedin North

September 25th, 2010 at 7:08 pm by David Farrar

is David Clark.

He certainly looked the most impressive, based on his CV.

Labour’s Dunedin North selection

September 24th, 2010 at 3:49 pm by David Farrar

The ODT reports:

Labour Party members in the Dunedin North electorate have a rare chance on Saturday to select a new candidate to represent them at the general election next year.

Well, the members don’t get to select the candidate. They get two votes out of seven – and even then only if not outvoted by “affiliate members” who get trucked in by the bus load.

The union movement has targeted both Dunedin North and Manurewa as seats it wants a unionist to win, to increase the proportion of unionists in the Labour caucus. Phil Goff may not last long after 2011 – even if he wins!

Three candidates have put themselves forward to replace Mr Hodgson – current electorate committee chairman David Clark (37), former electorate chairman Simon Wilson (25) and uinionist New Zealand Nurses Organisation national adviser Glenda Alexander (55).

David Clark has a campaign website. He is Warden of Selwyn College (2rd best after Carrington and Knox). He has been an EMPU member since 2006. On the basis of his CV, looks quite good.

Glenda Alexander also has a campaign website. She has been a professional unionist for the last 20 years.

Simon Wilson is a former President of the compulsory Otago University Students’ Association.

So all three have a union background to some degree – but Alexander by far the most.

It will be interesting to see who wins – they will inevitable become an MP at the next election.

Hat Tip: Homepaddock

Hodgson to retire

June 5th, 2010 at 10:55 am by David Farrar

I tweeted yesterday that I had heard a rumour that Pete Hodgson will announce his retirement this weekend, and the ODT confirms he has.

No doubt he will spend his last 18 months in Parliament trying to dig up H Fee Mark III on John Key, after the failure of H Fee Mark I and H Fee Mark II.

Asked if he thought he would be offered board appointments by Prime Minister John Key, Mr Hodgson said “No way”.

Thank God. Cullen’s appointment was bad enough.

I expect David Parker will get the nomination for Dunedin North. Despite being the MP for Otago for three brief years, he has always lived in Dunedin. Parker is ten years younger than Hodgson, and has performed pretty well in Opposition. In fact he might be a future Finance Minister in a Labour-led Government.

The Lower South Island Seats

November 14th, 2008 at 3:05 pm by David Farrar

Dunedin remains happily red. Labour beats National in the party vote by 16% in Dunedin North and 12% in Dunedin South. This is a lot better than 2005 though when the margins were 29% and 28% respectively.

Pete Hodgson had his 7,900 majority drop to 6,700, which won’t lose him sleep. David Benson-Pope had a 10,100 majority and new gal Clare Curran traded that for a still healthy 6,000.

In Clutha-Southland National gets 60% party vote to 30% for Labour. Bill English trades up his 11,500 majority for a 14,300 one.

Finally in Invercargill, National wins the party vote by 10%, after losing it by 1% in 2005. And Eric Roy’s 4,000 majority is turbo charged into a 6,100 one.

That’s the end of the series. All graphics taken from the NZ Herald. When final results come in, I’ll provide a lot more data.