A candidate with very different life experiences

March 10th, 2015 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Naz Shah has been selected as UK Labour’s candidate for Bradford West. She writes of her life to date:

I was only 6 when my father abandoned my mother with two young children and pregnant with a third when he eloped with the neighbour’s 16 year old daughter. I remember been thrown into the back of a taxi with black bin liners full of our belongings and packed off from the family home on Hartman Place to my granddads home in Kirkham Road. We never really saw the end of black bin liners over the next few years as we moved from squalor to squalor, 14 times in less than 2 years, from back to back houses where the toilet was outside to rat infested damp houses where we lived and slept in just one room.

But this turned out to be better than so called stability:

We finally had a home, 251 Legrams Lane, purchased with the sale of my mother’s wedding jewellery but in someone else’s name, Azam’s name. My mother’s attempt to provide her children with the security of a home came at the expense of being abused by Azam over years. A man that she thought would save her children from an uncertain and insecure future, little did she know he would be the exact opposite. My mother had sent me to Pakistan at the age of 12 when she felt I was at risk of his abuse. When my younger sister was growing up and my mother felt she was now at risk, and following years of anti- depressants, failed suicide attempts and feeling desperate and destitute she snapped.

She killed the man who abused her.

Her mother was sentenced to 20 years jail.

I remember how my days and nights became one, how my world was turned upside down, how I became a mother to my two siblings who were 11 and 13 at the time. Up until then the worst I had known personally was my own forced marriage through emotional blackmail when I was just 15 years old whilst in Pakistan. I never went back to schooling and my first job was at Society Linen hire on Usher St, the laundry service for the local hospitals. I moved on to packing crisps at Seabrook’s which was a huge improvement in job and wages. By January 1992 I wanted to go back to college after leaving my own husband who used his fists to communicate and now this.

So her childhood is 14 houses, being abused by her step-father, her mum going to prison, looking after her younger siblings, a forced marriage at 15, domestic violence and then working in a laundry.

This doesn’t mean she’ll be a good MP, but it does at a minimum mean she has battled huge adversity and come through it.

As she is standing against the repulsive George Galloway, I can honestly say I hope she wins.

The racist George Galloway

February 27th, 2013 at 7:42 am by David Farrar

The Independent reports:

The controversial MP George Galloway has been accused of racism after walking out of a meeting at Oxford University when he discovered he was debating with an Israeli.

Mr Galloway, who is the Respect party MP for Bradford West, had been speaking in the debate organised by Christ Church college in favour of the motion: “Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank”.

Around three minutes into the speech given by his opponent, Eylon Aslan-Levy, Galloway interrupted asking: “You said we. Are you an Israeli?”

The third year student Aslan-Levy answered “I am, yes.”

Galloway then stood up and replied: “I don’t debate with Israelis, I’ve been misled, sorry.”

Mr Galloway then left the lecture theatre.

This confirms what has been pretty obvious.

It is one thing to criticise the Government of Israel. Nothing anti-semitic about that. But to refuse to engage with someone based on where they were born is simply racism.

Video footage of the incident, obtained by the Oxford student newspaper Cherwell, quotes Aslan-Levy as saying: “I am appalled that an MP would storm out of a debate with me for no reason other than my heritage. To refuse to talk to someone just because of their nationality is pure racism, and totally unacceptable for a member of parliament.”

It is racism.

Galloway was willing to debate Israel, just not with someone born there. How pathetic.

George Galloway interview

May 13th, 2009 at 10:09 am by David Farrar

I recommend people watch this interview as the loathsome George Galloway gets dealt to.