Minto for Mayor

July 13th, 2016 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

Political activist John Minto is running for the Christchurch mayoralty.

Three years after seeking the Auckland mayoralty, veteran protester Minto has announced his intention to challenge Christchurch incumbent Lianne Dalziel in October’s local body elections. 

Minto has been involved in the city’s anti-asset sales group since relocating from Auckland early last year.

More protests to join down there?

He didn’t so well in Auckland, getting fewer votes than Penny Bright!


Minto accidentally endorses charter schools

July 7th, 2016 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

John Minto writes:

We should fund private schools ONLY when they enrol students on the same basis as public schools and abandon their fees.

Which is exactly what charter schools do – no fees, and open enrolment.

Far left activists now protesting the IHC!

December 14th, 2015 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

3 News reports:

Activists will picket IHC’s headquarters to protest the organisation’s interest in the Government’s state housing sell-off.

The intellectual disability support service revealed in August that was considering purchasing some or all of the 1140 state houses the government intends to sell in Tauranga.

State Housing Action Network says it’s “appalled” at the move, with its supporters staging a protest outside the IHC’s Wellington office today.

The network’s convenor John Minto accused IHC of “colluding in the betrayal of the most vulnerable families”, and allowing the government to walk away from its responsibility.


I suspect the IHC is in a better position to judge how to help the most vulnerable, than John Minto and his merry Marxists.

“We want the public to know that this once proud organisation, IHC, has become an eager collaborator in one of the National government’s most despicable policies,” Mr Minto said.

“IHC would not support Victorian-era approaches and attitudes to people with disabilities so neither should they support the National government returning housing for low-income families to Victorian times when the only options were charities and churches.”

The despicable policy that the Marxists are against is to extend the income related rent subsidy for state houses to all social provider houses, hence helping many more struggling families.

Fisking QPEC

February 17th, 2015 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

John Minto writes:

When the Government changed the Education Act to allow for charter schools, it bet that a bunch of non-educators using their own untested theories of education could run schools for our most disadvantaged students and achieve better results than state schools.

Who are these non-educators that Minto claims are running charter schools in NZ? As far as I know they are all educators.

Not only that, it stacked the decks by deliberately removing the charter schools from the checks and balances that all state schools must face and gave them more money (as a series of set-up grants).

They actually get slightly less money than an equivalent new state school as detailed by the Ministry.

For example, these schools are exempt from making disclosures under the Official Information Act, despite the fact that they are government-funded.

The OIA applies to organisations owned by the Government, not funded by them. Personally I think it should apply to all bodies funded in whole or majority by the Government, but it doesn’t. All those NGOs that are 95% government funded should come under the OIA, as should charter schools. But I suspect John doesn’t want it extended to all bodies funded by the Government – just those he disagrees with.

The Quality Public Education Coalition (QPEC) has been tracking US charter schools daily for more than two years ago now, and not only are many of them an educational disgrace but they continue to contribute to the overall educational collapse of the US in world educational rankings. Per dollar spent, US schools are the world’s worst.

It is because the US school system is so bad, that charter schools have done so well there. And there have been numerous studies showing that they overall lift achievements rates for pupils. Also in some states, they have seen a lift in achievement rates for neighbouring public schools also.

There is no empirical research that supports this model of charter schools, and plenty of evidence against the model. It is being driven by the first-term, right-wing Act MP, David Seymour, who promises to support these schools through thick, thin and very expensive, success or failure – competition at all costs, and the taxpayer must pay.

There is a huge amount of empirical evidence. But the best empirical evidence will come from NZ. Minto and others want to close these schools before they can be given a chance to succeed. I say judge them on results. If a charter school produces bad results (as one looks to be doing), then close it down. But if they are producing great results, then support them. In the state school system a failing public school is never closed down – they are just given more money and a bigger zone!

Minto on Mandela

December 9th, 2013 at 4:03 pm by David Farrar

I blogged this quote from the Poneke blog in 2008. It is worth repeating.

John Minto was one of the heroes of my formative years. 

At the time, I thought Minto was driven by the same kind of repugnance of the racist apartheid system that motivated the opposition of many other New Zealanders. Apartheid was a stain on humanity.

In 1995, Mandela visited New Zealand for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting being held in Auckland. He was mobbed in the streets everywhere he went. He was a hero of almost everyone of my generation and of almost everyone who had marched against the Springboks 14 years before. The one anti-tour protester to whom he was not a hero was a profound surprise. I went to a meeting Mandela attended at the St Matthews in the City church in Auckland. To my astonishment, and dismay, John Minto, who was there, hectored the great man for not kicking private enterprise and transnational companies out of South Africa after apartheid ended. A bewildered Mandela asked Minto how he expected people to find work if their employers were banished. It was at that moment I realised Minto was not driven by opposition to racism but by opposition to the entire capitalist system.

Minto still expresses disappointment that the South African Government hasn’t implemented communism. Mandela eventually outgrew his communist upbringing, unlike some others.

Give communism a go in Auckland

August 12th, 2013 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

The salaries paid to the Auckland Mayor and the council’s chief executive would be slashed drastically if one candidate has his way.

John Minto is pushing for a living wage of $18.40 per hour for all council workers.

He says it would be funded by cutting the salaries paid to the mayor, chief executive and other senior managers.

“We would tie the mayor’s salary to four times the living wage, and we would tie the CEO’s salary to five times the living wage.”

Mr Minto’s plan would see the mayor’s salary cut from $240,000 a year to $153,000.

But the chief executive would take a much bigger hit – more than half a million dollars would be slashed from that salary, taking it from $768,000 to just under $200,000.

I urge Aucklanders to vote to trial communism. Just because it has failed in Cuba, Laos, the USSR, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Ethiopa, Kampuchea and East Germany is purely bad luck.

Now that Labour has declared they believe in equality of outcome, not just equality of opportunity, I look forward to them endorsing John Minto for Mayor.

Minto for Mayor

April 14th, 2013 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

The HoS reports:

Veteran activist John Minto is asking his political party to approve a run for mayor of Auckland. The trade unionist and teacher said Mayor Len Brown had disappointed him.

“What has Len Brown done which is different to what John Banks would have done if he were in? You struggle to find many significant things.”

Sources said the Mana Party was initially keen on the idea to dispel perceptions that the party was solely about its leader, Hone Harawira. “If I did run it would be as an official Mana candidate,” Minto said ahead of this weekend’s Mana Party AGM in Tokoroa. “Mana’s considering it.”

Minto said Brown had failed Auckland’s poor. “The business community and people on high incomes in Auckland are very happy with Len Brown, so I don’t know whether they’ll bother putting up a candidate,” Minto told the Herald on Sunday.

“He is a corporate candidate, effectively.”

It will be interesting to see how many votes Minto gets, if he does run. He can’t and won’t win of course, but he may help split the vote.

In another story it is revealed that the Council under Len has spent $60 million on communications in the last two years including 143 comms and PR staff!

I’m not sure if this includes the six spin doctors directly working for Len.

Minto says smash the machines

July 30th, 2012 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

Veteran activist John Minto is set to launch a campaign of “civil disobedience” to close a controversial poker machine outlet, saying he is prepared to personally smash its machines with a hammer.

Why use a hammer. Maybe he should use a Minto Bar?

Minto yesterday led a protest outside Galaxy Takeaways, in the Otara shopping centre in South Auckland, which for the past eight months has operated 18 poker machines.

Its venue licence was cancelled recently by the Department of Internal Affairs.

But Galaxy Takeaways has been given an exemption to keep its machines working after management lodged an appeal to the Gambling Commission.

Speaking to the Sunday Star- Times in a courtyard outside the shop, Minto said he would do everything in his power to get the machines turned off for good.

“We will be back and this may come down to a case of civil disobedience,” the Mana Party vice- president Minto said.

“If outfits like this are allowed to flout the law, the community has a right to come in and assert themselves. And I think this community will come in and assert itself over places like this.

“If a community says ‘No’, I would be prepared to stand with them, all of us with hammers, and go in and smash the machines.

“Let’s do it ourselves. Let’s go in and get rid of them.”

It is a very dangerous thing when any person thinks they are above the law and have a divine right to take the law into their own hands.  Far better to let the legal process run.

Minto said Mana had received figures that Galaxy Takeaways machines had “sucked” approximately $864,000 out of the Otara community.

And how much has been spent on Lotto in Otara? Will that be banned? I’m not saying pokie machines are the same as Lotto. They are more addictive. But a mere statement about how much has been allegedly spent, with no time-frame or comparison is near meaningless.

Minto said while computer games were nothing new on the premises of takeaway bars, such as Space Invaders or Pac-man, he said it was a moral outrage that one shop was now offering poker machines. “It is appalling . . . do you want pokies with your fries?” he said.

I can’t see the problem personally. I would have thought there was less harm having pokie machines in a venue you tend to spend 10 – 15 minutes at, than one where you can spend all day gambling, and getting served alcohol.

“You have got to run an entertainment centre [to have pokies]. This is not an entertainment centre, it is a fast-food outlet.”

If they do not meet the legal criteria, then they will lose their licence.

Mana’s Marxism

August 23rd, 2011 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

From Q+A interview with Mana candidate John Minto:

GUYON         OK, let’s talk about some of those economic ideas that you did raise in my first question.  You want a maximum wage of 10 times the minimum wage – minimum wage about 25,000 – so you want a maximum wage so that anyone who earns a dollar over $250,000 pays 100% tax to the government.

 JOHN That’s one of the ideas that’s in our draft policy, yes.

This policy is not new. It is identical to what the Soviet Union and other communist countries had. They declared doctors should not be paid a huge amount more than street cleaners. They did indeed set maximum wages.

It failed. It has failed in every country that has tried it.

But nevertheless Mana is unhappy Labour will only whack the rich pricks for 39%. They want a 100% top tax rate.

You’ve got the people who work the hardest, work the longest hours on the lowest pay

Minto is wrong with his assertion that lower paid workers work longer hours. A 2008 study of working women found 50% worked for over 40 hours a week, while only 33% of lower paid women (less than $15.30 an hour) worked over 40 hours a week.

Of course Minto’s 100% proposed top tax rate only applies to people who don’t work for UNITE. If you work for UNITE your tax rate is 0%, as they don’t pay their taxes.

John Minto MP

May 15th, 2011 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

Neil Reid in the SST reports:

HONE HARAWIRA has confirmed veteran activist John Minto will be invited to stand for his new political movement, the Mana Party, in the general election.

In an exclusive interview, the nation’s most polarising MP described Minto – formerly the leader of anti-apartheid group Halt All Racist Tours – as “a great New Zealander”.

And Minto – who has rejected three previous offers to stand for other political parties at previous elections – has confirmed if his family backs him, he “would be delighted” to accept the offer.

It’s 20 years since the UUSR ditched communism and around a decade since the Chinese effectively did the same. But in NZ, we may get to put another Marxist into Parliament.

Armstrong on Activists

July 24th, 2010 at 10:21 am by David Farrar

John Armstrong writes:

The left-wing activists who stormed the Sky City Hotel last Sunday in an inevitably futile attempt to force their way into the National Party conference should take a good hard look at themselves.

The noisy fracas with security guards inside Auckland’s Temple to Capitalism certainly got the activists what they wanted – top-of-the-bulletin coverage on that evening’s television news. But if they think such tactics are going to mobilise public opinion against the Government’s just-released package of workplace law reforms then they should think again.

Their actions were widely viewed within the Labour Party as unhelpful, though no one was saying so publicly.

Sue Bradford and John Minto charging a Police line just sends people into the opposite direction.

While others on the left have been quick to label National’s package as a “class war” being waged on the country’s workers, Labour has avoided using such over-the-top language.

When it comes to portraying National’s policy prescription, there is a danger of crying wolf. More so because much of the package is based on National’s 2008 election policy. That prescription pleasantly surprised some left-wing commentators for being so moderate and not a return to the Employment Contracts Act. They cannot now turn around and argue that the package released by Key last Sunday is designed to wage class war.

And many aspects will actually be welcomed by employees such as the ability to trade leave for pay.

Even the 90 day trial period will be popular with many employees I reckon. We’ve all seen new people hired at a workplace and within a week or two it is apparent they are not up to the job. It isn’t just the bosses, but the other employees, who often have to carry them until they finally leave.

Blunt on Minto

January 8th, 2010 at 7:55 am by David Farrar

Minto helps Israeli win

January 7th, 2010 at 9:13 am by David Farrar

Its nice of John Minto to organise protests that helps Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer win her matches. She is of course used to the protests, so it ends up putting of fher opponents.

It’s a win-win. The longer Peer keeps winning, the longer the protesters get to protest. So hopefully Peer will go through to the final!

Minto compares Bush to Hitler and Amin

October 22nd, 2009 at 4:05 pm by David Farrar

It’s great to be reminded how fruit loopy the far left are. John Minto blogs:

It was dispiriting to see a group of secondary schoolboys hounded by media as they entered the Auckland War Memorial Museum to apologise for their behaviour at a school outing earlier this year when they paid mock homage to the swastika. …

They weren’t intending disrespect to the Jews, gypsies, communists and homosexuals who all faced Nazi extermination efforts. Surely we need to lighten up a bit here.

The same applies to the Lincoln University students who dressed up as Nazis and Nazi victims for a fancy dress party a few weeks back. There were howls of rage and profuse apologies all round and disciplinary action followed.

Was the same action taken against those who dressed up as Osama bin Laden, Idi Amin or George Bush? All of these figures could rightly be condemned for war crimes and genocide.

Yes of course dressing up as George Bush is the same as dressing up as Nazis. I mean, after all, they are all guilty of genocide.

I just love it that there really are people who equate Bush with Hitler. Even after Bush retired from office in accordance with the constitution. They spent years darkly warning of how Bush would become a military dictator supported by the industrial-military complex. Yet somehow we now have Obama as President and a Democratic House and Senate.

Minto advocates 100% tax rate

September 1st, 2009 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

I was never sure of John Minto is a communist or just a socialist (in terms of economic philosophy). He answers that today with his blog advocating a salary cap and 100% tax rate on top of that:

My pick would be to set the maximum income at 10 times the minimum wage. This would mean a maximum income of $250,000. The easiest way to enforce this would be setting a 100 per cent income tax rate for the combined income from all sources (including share allocations, allowances etc) above this level.

This system of salary caps is not a new concept. Most communist countries have or had such salary caps. Most have abandoned such practices, as they have learnt what happens when you do. I think North Korea and maybe Cuba still have such salary caps though.

Note Minto’s proposal is not just for salaries. He proposes 100% tax on income over $250,000 from all sources.Can’t see a lot of people setting up their own companies or businesses in future.

What will be most amusing is to see how much the tax take drops. It wouldn’t just be people earning over $250,000 who would be leaving. Minto doesn’t understand what aspiration is.

Sports boycotts

January 10th, 2009 at 3:34 pm by David Farrar

Hamish McBrearty at Sports After Dark blogs on the protest against the Israeli tennis player. He says:

I don’t usually cover political events as it is my firm belief that sports should be apolitical. However, this particular protest is so intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt that I just have to point out a few things.

Veteran protestor John Minto and a few of his followers protested outside the ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland today, as is their right, and called for Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer to pull out of the tournament.

Minto had already indicated that his group, Global Peace and Justice would do so in this press release and a letter to Peer herself. The reason I find this protest so disgusting, apart from the hate in his press release, is that Peer is just a person going about her normal business. I can understand people protesting the 1981 Springbok Tour, as that team represented South Africa, was chosen along racial lines and gave some legitimacy to the regime, but Peer is a professional tennis player representing herself, she just happens to be Israeli. …

I’m not sure where these calls for a comprehensive boycott of Israel are coming from, but is he seriously suggesting that she should be unable to earn a living internationally based solely on where she was born?

The answer is yes.

Minto blames Goff et al for Nia Glassie’s murder

November 26th, 2008 at 9:37 am by David Farrar

John Minto has worked out who is to blame for the murder of Nia Glassie:

There is never any excuse for abuse of children and it’s natural for us to want long prison sentences for her killers. However, unless we clearly see the context in which she was killed then we will condemn other children to similar abuses.

Yes the context of what makes people stick a toddler in a drying machine to torture her.

As Nia Glassie lay dying in hospital last August the New Zealand Herald published figures related to child abuse among Maori. Social issues reporter Simon Collins reported that Maori children were more than twice as likely to die from child abuse as other children but that this was a relatively recent development.

In 1987 child abuse deaths for Maori were on a par with the rest of New Zealand. From 1978 to 1987 the number of children aged 0 to 14 per 100,000 killed was 0.92 for non-Maori and 1.05 for Maori.

However from 1987 it rose rapidly. For the period 1991 to 2000 the figures were 0.67 for non-Maori but 2.40 for Maori.

This dramatic increase has obvious roots. The number of Maori in paid work dropped by 15 per cent between 1986 and 1991 while total employment fell just 6 per cent. Maori unemployment peaked at a staggering 26 per cent in 1991 while the non-Maori rate was just 9 per cent.

Maori were disproportionately degraded by the policies of Rogernomics under Labour’s 1984 to 1990 government.

Yet those who killed her did so in a time of near full employment. But hey let us ignore that and blame it all on Rogernomics.

Those who demand vengeance for Nia Glassie’s death would be better to first set up a gallows outside Parliament and the Business Roundtable offices before they focus on the miserable men guilty of her murder.

Yeah, nothing to do with those who tortured a three year old. Or the neighbours who did not report it. The guilty parties are those who saved a country from bankruptcy.

The most important solution to ending child abuse is to make full employment the number one economic priority. Forty hours work on decent pay by which a breadwinner can support a family in dignity and respect must be at the heart of social and economic policy. Not surprisingly it was dropped as Labour Party policy back in the 1980s by the likes of Roger Douglas, Helen Clark and Phil Goff while it’s never been National Party policy.

So Douglas, Clark and Goff plus National are all to blame. Again never mind that at the time this happened unemployment was the lowest in the world.  I think it is reprehensible of Minto to try and blame this sociopathic torture and abuse on the economic policies of 20 years ago.

Anything less than this is to cry crocodile tears for Nia Glassie and condemn more children to her fate.

You don’t get full employment by turning a country into Cuba, as Mr Minto advocates. You get it by having a strong economy.