Opposing Maori seats is not racist

May 10th, 2016 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

If you want to know why Donald Trump is getting so much support,it is because of the politically correct who try to close down debate. We see this in NZ, where some people who don’t believe in free speech have complained that Mike Hosking expressed an opinion against Maori only wards on Council. They call him racist.

Stuff reports:

A “racist” editorial outburst from TVNZ personality Mike Hosking may have landed him in hot water. 

After TVNZ’s Seven Sharp aired a segment on the abuse New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd received for proposing a Maori ward for local government councils, Hosking added his own two cents.

“Sad to say I’d never personally attack him obviously but he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand,” Hosking said. 

He went on to say: “There’s nothing wrong with Maori representation on councils cause any Maori that wants to stand for a council is more than welcome to do so and you can sell your message and if you’re good enough you’ll get voted on.”

In a statement Radio New Zealand received from TVNZ, a spokesperson for the broadcaster said a formal complaint had been laid against Hosking and a committee would review the complaint in the coming days. 

“In terms of the dialogue between colleagues, there has been some discussion about this piece as you’ve seen – robust conversation and differing viewpoints are not unusual in the current affairs environment,” the spokesperson said. 

One complaint on Seven Sharp Facebook page came from a medical student called Kera May. 

“Deeply offended by the racism exhibited by Mike Hosking on your show tonight. If anyone is “out of touch with Middle New Zealand” (which includes many Maori like myself thank you very much!) it’s you Mike.”

This is what people hate. Sell appointed guardians of speech who proclaim anyone who disagrees with them to be racist.

It is not racist to oppose Maori only seats on local bodies. It is absurd to suggest it is.

One can agree with all the sentiments about wanting Maori to get better outcomes than they do at present, but also be against Maori only seats because you think they are a bad solution. Being against a particular solution does not make you racist. It is called political debate.

For example the Government has a programme called Whanua Ora designed to help (mainly Maori) families. Now one might oppose this programme on the grounds some of the spending is low quality and it has high overheads. That doesn’t make you racist or not wanting to get better outcomes for Maori. It just means you disagree with that particular policy.

Ms May’s complaint is ridiculous. She is saying that anyone who disagrees with her is racist. This sort of politically correct attitude of trying to control what people can say is what leads to demagogues like Donald Trump.

What we need as a country is an intelligent discussion and debate on the pros and cons of things like Maori only seats – not just calling people who disagree with you racist – a term that is used so often now it has become near meaningless.

Vance on Mark

November 8th, 2015 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

Andrea Vance writes:

Later, Mark – and some of his colleagues – were befuddled by the outrage.  “It’s not racist – grow up,” he blustered.

Yes, Ron Mark, it is. It’s deplorable that as a Member of Parliament you need this explained to you.  Every other party in Parliament – bar your own – understands this and have condemned your behaviour.

It is racist, because Lee was offended. It is racist because it implies that you are more “Kiwi” than Lee, who has made New Zealand her home for 30 years. …

It’s racist enough to get you arrested. In April, an Upper Hutt man was arrested for ordering tourists on a bus to “go back to your own country”. The ugly scene was filmed and uploaded to You Tube. 

Dozens of similar racist rants – usually on public transport – have been shared across the world. Usually they end in a court appearance.

Mark’s words are even more shocking than those viral videos because they came not from an ignorant lout on a bus, but from the mouth of an MP – to another MP – during a parliamentary debate.

Ron Mark would do well to apologise, rather than insist he said nothing wrong.

The most charitable we can be about Mark is to liken him to the embarrassing docile old uncle who knows no better.  But that excuses him.  And it’s more likely Mark’s behaviour was calculated.

He was working from the Winston Peters’ playbook, and is now revelling in the attention he’s receiving from the redneck constituency.

Peters was duly out, belligerently defending his MP this morning.  But the politics are indefensible precisely because they aren’t politics. 

Politics is raising general concerns about immigration. NZ First has gone well beyond that to targeting and stigmatising individuals and national (usually Asian) groups.

It’s time to be honest about that strategy and call out NZ First for exactly what it is: a racist party.

Sadly true – but not all of them. Tracey Martin had the guts to say it was wrong.

Devoy vs Labour

August 6th, 2015 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

The Labour Party says Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is “out of line and wrong” for calling it racist.

Devoy has taken a swipe at Labour over its claims that Chinese investors are responsible for Auckland’s rising house prices.

Addressing a meeting of Auckland city councillors on Wednesday, she said debate on some issues was “deteriorating into racism”.

She made a clear reference to Labour’s release of data which purported to show that 40 per cent of property sales in Auckland in a three-month period were to buyers with Chinese-sounding names.

“It is a deeply hurtful thing to have your children hear politicians insinuating that their Chinese-sounding surname means they’re foreigners and they don’t belong here,” Devoy said.

“We need to recognise dog whistle politics when we see it and call it out.”

But Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford said Devoy was either “misunderstanding or wilfully misrepresenting” the debate.

Countries all over the world were having to come to grips with the effect of huge levels of private investment from China overheating their housing markets.

“New Zealand needs to be able to discuss this in public without these kinds of allegations of racism,” Twyford said.

“We raised the concern that the available data and all the international evidence and commentary about very high levels of investment indicates that offshore Chinese buyers are a significant presence in the housing market here.”


Twyford thinks that saying 30% (40% less 10%) of home buyers are foreigners because they have a Chinese sounding surname is not racist. Keep it up Phil.

Racial tolerance by country

June 5th, 2015 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar


Hat Tip: Jim Rose

So NZ, Australia, North America and parts of Latin America the most racially tolerant. Asia and parts of Africa the least. ractol

Singh vs Singh

March 13th, 2015 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

A liquor store worker who was threatened, assaulted, called a “f***ing Indian” and “Indian dog” by his employer has been awarded $45,000 in damages for racial harassment.

Satnam Singh told the Human Rights Tribunal he suffered racial abuse, culminating in a physical assault, while employed for two months at Scorpion Liquor in Mt Roskill.

An Indian national and practicing Sikh, Satnam Singh was also paid less than minimum wage, earning between $6 and $7 an hour.

Disgraceful behaviour and good to see a large damages award.

Store manager Shane Singh and his mother, Raj Devi, who owns the business, did not respond to the claim and took no part in proceedings.

You can’t be absolutely sure, but the surnames suggest the owner and manager are also Indians, which makes the racial abuse somewhat perplexing.

During his two months at Scorpion Liquor, Shane Singh frequently made references to “f***ing Indians”, and referred to Indian students as “Indian dogs”.

He also made comments about Satnam Singh’s long hair, a requirement for his Sikh religion.On one occasion the worker was filmed while cleaning the shop toilet, and told “You f***ing Indians [will] always clean my s*** today and in the future”.

Maybe Shane Singh is not also Indian. He’s a terrible person though, that is for sure.

Australian Labor goes for the racist approach

March 13th, 2014 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar



This is the cover of a brochure put out by the Australian Labor Party against Liberal candidate Carolyn Habib (who was born in Australia incidentially).

Some may argue it is just using her surname, but it is clear the effect they are going for with the following aspects:

  • No use of her first name (Carolyn)
  • The bullet-riddled crumbling wall which looks like a Middle East warzone
  • The military style font

Also the reverse side doesn’t use a photo of her, but a sinister silhouette.



Very nasty stuff.

Winston lies and pushes racism

February 21st, 2014 at 3:30 pm by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has claimed the world-famous Huka Lodge near Taupo has been sold to Chinese buyers and suggested Prime Minister John Key had a hand in smoothing the process.

Mr Peters made the claim during his state of the nation address on Auckland’s North Shore this afternoon.

“While you’re here media, let me tell you something, Huka Lodge has just been sold to the Chinese … and I want you to go and ask John Key what role you had in this?

“Was it not true, Mr Key, that you assured them `there won’t be a problem, we’ll smooth it out for you’.”

But Winston lied. Outraegously.

Any other political leader who made up a claim like this, and just flat out lied, would be crucified by the media. But Winston gets away with it. He lied that it had been sold. He lied that it was on the market, and he lied that the PM was involved.

Just as bad, he is doing his normal anti-Asian racism. I understand the current owner was born in Holland. Even if the sale was true, why is it okay for someone born in Holland to own Hula Lodge, but not someone born in China? Its racism.

Playing the race card

January 31st, 2014 at 7:00 am by David Farrar

Hamish Rutherford at Stuff reports:

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is accusing National Party MPs of “pure racism” after comments in Parliament about her home and clothing.

Pure racism? What did they say?

East Coast MP and Police Minister Anne Tolley said today that Turei, lived in a castle and wore designer clothes.

Speaking during the debate on the Prime Minister John Key’s opening statement to Parliament, Tolley said she was insulted by Green Party claims that she was out of touch.

She said said her role as an electorate MP included meetings with constituents who were among the poorest in the country.

“I’m actually insulted to be lectured about how out of touch I am with average New Zealand by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle and comes to the House in $2000 designed jackets and tells me I’m out of touch,” Tolley said.

I don’t think Turei’s choices of clothes are relevant, and Tolley could have made her point without referring to them. But how in God’s name do you conclude that her comments are racist?

MPs often have a go at each other for their apparent wealth. We hear all the time about John Key having a holiday home in Hawaii, or David Cunliffe living in Herne Bay.  This may be petty, but it is not racist.

Asked about Tolley’s comments, Turei said racism was behind the attack.

“I’m shocked that the National Party would attack me and my home and my appearance. I think it is a racist attack,” she said.

Turei is playing the race card, as a defensive measure.

“I think they seem to think it is all right for them to wear perfectly good suits for their professional job but that a Maori woman from a working-class background is not entitled to do the same. I think it is pure racism.”

Ask how the attack was racist, Turei said she shopped at the same place some of her opponents did.

“They do not think that a professional Maori woman from a working-class background should be able to wear good suits to work,” she said.

Turei seems to be projecting, to put it mildly. They were attacking her for being sanctimonious, not Maori.

Turei said it was unfair to attack her home.

“MPs’ homes have always been outside of the acceptable realms of debate, and so this very personal, very explicit attack, I think, comes from their inability to cope with my work and the effectiveness of my work, and an inherent racism.”

Oh what nonsense. Opposition MPs rant and rave about John Key’s house all the time. Cunliffe’s house also comes in for mention on a regular basis. Neither of them claim it is racism.

Asked whether there was any irony in a Left-wing political leader wearing expensive clothing, she said: “Do you ask that question of David Cunliffe? Do you ask that question of any other political leader or any other politician?

Basically yes. People comment all the time that Cunliffe lives in an incredibly expensive house in a very expensive suburb. Now one can have a view as to whether that is relevant – but Turei is not alone in having jibes about the contrast between claiming to represent the down trodden and their lifestyle.  Also Winston Peters choice of expensive clothes have received lots of comments in the past.

“I’m simply not prepared to pander to that. This is a racist attack by National and I’m not prepared to pander to it.”

Tolley described Turei’s comments as “absolute nonsense”.

“The Greens’ co-leader is entitled to turn up in Parliament every day in expensive designer clothes, and good on her for doing just that,” Tolley said.

As I said, I don’t think what Turei wears is relevant. But Turei playing the race card as a defence is rather sad.

Appalling racism

January 9th, 2014 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar



Morgan Browne at Massive Magazine has blogged the above screenshot. She also has other quotes from him:

Former posts on Andrews’ personal Facebook page also specifically refer to Indians.   “How do Noel Lemmings (sic) advertise for staff? “Wanted, greasy, creepy Indian men with zero knowledge of electronics for exciting retail career” I think the ones that don’t make it automatically get employed at Burger King.”  – A personal Facebook status posted December 24, 2013 by Andrews.

Sad to see such idiocy.

Blue eyes better!

September 3rd, 2013 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

Parents have raised concerns about a discrimination experiment that pitted blue-eyed pupils against their brown-eyed classmates at a Christchurch school.

Four classes from Cobham Intermediate School – involving about 120 year-8 pupils – were split into what they were told were the more “superior” blue-eyed pupils, and the lesser brown-eyed pupils, to teach them about racism and discrimination.

But a mother of a brown-eyed pupil said her 13-year-old son came home from school upset and “really angry” after the roles were not reversed in his class.

If you’re going to do an exercise like that with kids, it is a good idea to make sure everyone experiences both groups.

Students with blue eyes were told of new research that students with blue eyes developed at a superior rate and were more mature than other students.

The classes talked through the issues before pupils left, but their children might wish to discuss it further at home, it said.

Thelning said the lesson provided “a catalyst for discussion and reflection”.

Reversing the roles had been considered but the blue-eyed children had shown “empathy and awareness for others”.

Well this proves of course that us blue eyes are superior, because we look after our brown eyed pets well 🙂

Migrants say Labour’s housing policy potentially racist

August 9th, 2013 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

The president of a nation-wide organisation that represents Chinese migrant groups says David Shearer’s policy is “picking on” Asian people.

Labour leader David Shearer says the party will restrict the ability of non-residents to purchase New Zealand houses as part of its package to help Kiwi first-home buyers.

Shearer says IRD records show more than 11,000 overseas investors own New Zealand properties they don’t live in.

That data would include people like Helen Clark. Actual sales data has shown that non-residents comprise only 3.2% of house purchasers (and make up 4.5% of sellers).

However, the president of the NZ Chinese Association Virginia Chong is concerned the policy is targeting Asian buyers.

Chong says there is a flawed perception that Chinese nationals are out-bidding Kiwis in the Auckland housing market.

The second generation New Zealander says people just see Asian faces in the auction rooms and assume that they are foreigners.

“It’s all very well saying it’s Asians who have pushed up the price but I don’t think it’s Asians, we are just a convenient fob-off,” the Epsom resident says.

Again the actual sales data shows only 0.4% of house purchasers are non-resident Chinese.

She says while the policy may be a Band-Aid on the problem, it will not have any long-term effect.

“From my perspective it’s potentially racist and it’s contrary to existing free trade agreements,” she says.

It is designed to make people think that Chinese New Zealanders are foreigners and stealing houses off “real” New Zealanders. And it does breach several free trade agreements we have signed, including those negotiated by Labour.

Demented extremists

June 4th, 2013 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

Readers will recall the Nisbet cartoon of last week. A few people called for it to be banned as racist. The PM responded to the suggestion of a law change to allow this with the very mild statement that the Govt has no plans to change the law to ban racist cartoons, as racism is very subjective and hard to define.

The current law makes illegal statements or publications that vilify a racial group, which is a far tougher criteria.

Now I would have thought the statement that what is racist is very subjective was almost beyond argument. Almost every day I see people call other people racist. Some people say the Maori seats are racist. Some people say the Police are racist. I can’t think of something that is more subjective.

So the PM’s comments on not changing the law to ban cartoons that offend were hardly controversial I would have thought.

But to some demented extremists on the left, it seems actually it is akin to lynching blacks in the KKK. They’ve been facebooking the cartoon below.



This just shows the demented extreme world view of those who promote this.

Incidentally National’s caucus has three Asian MPs, two Pacific MPs and eight MPs of Maori descent.

But this is how some people think. If you do not agree with them that the law should be changed to ban cartoons like Al Nisbet’s, then you are akin to a KKK member who lynches blacks.


The Nisbet cartoon

May 31st, 2013 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon


Stuff reports:

Prime Minister John Key has urged critics of cartoons about the the Government’s breakfast in schools programme to accept cartoonists can blow things out of proportion.

While he had not seen the cartoons, Key said he had heard second hand reports about them and understood they may not be to everyone’s taste.

“By the description I was given it certainly could be offensive to people.”

As a general rule, however, he tried not to comment too much on cartoons.

“I’m often the source of the humour in them, if you like, and I try and take it all with a grain of salt because cartoonists are notorious for taking a mile out of an inch.”

Wise advice. I suspect what many hate about it, isn’t the skin colour of two of those featured, but the political message the cartoon sends.

I wonder how many of them complained when a cartoonist compared Paula Bennett to Josef Mengele, because she (shock horror) supported free contraception for beneficiaries?

His comments came after Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy said the cartoons were offensive and appalling.

Her distaste for them has spurred her to question the high threshold required for a finding of racism within the commission’s inquiries and complaints process. The threshold under the law was “very high” and was about inciting racial disharmony.

“Perhaps it is not right that the threshold is that high,” but that was a matter for the Government she said.

Asked why anyone should make a complaint about the cartoons when the threshold for what was considered racism was so high, she replied: “I ask myself that all the time”.

I’m against any change to the threshold. The threshold for the state to actually prosecute people for what they say should be incredibly high.

If people don’t like the cartoon, then they should express that to the newspaper. They can choose to boycott it. They can set up criticism sites. The best antidote to speech you don’t like is more speech, not less speech.

I don’t actually like the cartoon myself.  I wouldn’t publish it on Kiwiblog* if a cartoonist submitted it to me, but that is my decision to make.

* Yes, it has of course now been published here, but that is in the context of reporting on the controversy about it.

What Winston didn’t tell you about those sinful Chinese

May 27th, 2013 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

Winston’s recent attack on Chinese immigrants was appalling. He takes a few cherry picked examples and portrays an entire race as being bad for New Zealand. Vernon Small summarises:

Despite his disclaimers that his party was not anti-immigration, you could not read the speech and miss the message: Chinese immigrants (or at least a demonised subset of them) drive up house prices, stretch infrastructure to breaking point, break the law, access health and superannuation they have not paid for, and import corruption and depravity.

We actually have an immigration policy that is blind to people’s race and ethnicity – which is how it should be. With the exception of a small quota for the Pacific, immigrants are not judged on their race or ethnicity. That is as it should be. It is appalling to judge someone not as an individual, but based on their race. That is why immigration decisions are based on skills, work offers, education, assets, family status etc. There will always be changes we can make to our immigration settings but I absolutely reject Winston’s approach of pilloring Chinese immigrants.

In his speech he had a few “horror” stories about some Chinese businessmen building a brothel, and Chinese tourists who like to gamble etc.

What Winston will never tell you is that overall Chinese New Zealanders commit far far fewer crimes than other New Zealanders, and contribute highly to the economy.

People may be surprised by how significant the difference is in crime rates, by ethnicity. These graphs are based on Stats NZ data from the Police. It is the number of apprehensions for each ethnicity, per 10,000 population.

Let’s look at the overall offending rate.


Yes the Asian crime rate is 52 apprehensions per 10,000 population. Caucasians are five times higher at 254, Pacific 10 times higher at 545 and Maori sadly at around 25 times the rate at 1,240.

Maybe Winston will just claim that the problem is the Asian criminals are much smarter than the other criminals, so don’t get caught as much!


The overall crime rate is not a very useful figure, so I also thought I’d look at four common and penacious categories. The worse tends to be violent and sexual crimes and as you can see the Asian rate for violent crimes is less than a third of caucasions and one seventh of the overall violent crime rate.



The sexual crime rate also relatively very low.


And when it comes to robberies, the rate is one twenty fifth of the overall NZ rate.



And for burglaries, the rate is one fortieth the overall NZ rate!

So the next time Winston goes on about how Chinese immigration is turning Auckland into a city of sin, remind him how crime is a sin – and that his xenophobic scaremongering is repugnant.


Greens see racism everywhere

May 23rd, 2013 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

The Green Party has called the independent report on the 2007 Urewera raids damning and said a dramatic overhaul of police culture was still needed.

The review, released today, labelled police actions ”unlawful, unjustified and unreasonable”.

The party’s police spokesman, Dave Clendon, said it was not okay to “descend like masked ninjas” on a small community, adding that police thinking about the raids had not fundamentally changed.

He believed racial discrimination played a part on the abuse of rights and illegal detention of innocent people.

“Would the police have raided Remuera in Auckland, or Khandallah in Wellington in the same way?” he asked.

Ummm. Engage brain before operating mouth,

Can anyone think of a high profile raid a couple of years ago in Coatesville? One that involved armed police and helicopters? I’m pretty sure the targets were not Maori, but German and Finnish.

And according to the 2006 census, the ethnicity of Coatesville is 80% European, 4% Maori, 3% Asian and 12% other so the racism claim from the Greens is quite unfounded.

Condemning anti-Jewish racism

May 2nd, 2013 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Not afraid of ruins blogs:

Last Saturday I went to the protest against asset sales organized by Aotearoa Not For Sale. I was marching with my friend Maia, discussing the latest episode of The Good Wife in between chants of ‘hey hey ho ho/John Key has got to go’.

Halfway up Willis St we overheard a guy behind us talking: ‘This is all because John Key is a money-hungry Jew.’ Maia immediately turned around and told him that he was being anti-Semitic and that it wasn’t ok (she’s great like that). The guy explained that she didn’t understand the historical context, that ‘they took over this country with their money’, before finally giving up and telling her ‘you must be Jewish’ (incidentally, she isn’t. Not that it’s relevant’).

By that point I’d already walked away. I was in no mood to hear about how I control the world’s money and am personally responsible for the economic recession.

This wasn’t the first time that anti-Jewish racism has cropped up at Aotearoa Not For Sale events. Last year a guy named Nathan Symington joined an anti-asset sales march in Auckland holding a skateboard with swastikas chalked on it. The same man was later charged with the racist vandalism of the Symonds St Jewish cemetery.

Now you can’t control who turns up to a protest march, but a good point is made by the author:

There were similar instances of anti-Jewish racism at Occupy spaces in 2011, and on the facebook pages of several of the Occupy groups as well. …

Aotearoa Not For Sale organisers can’t be held personally responsible for the actions of every single person who attends one of their protests. But they do need to take responsibility for ensuring that racism isn’t tolerated—or worse, nurtured.

One way to do that is to stop the nationalist rhetoric. Campaigns against privatization have a nasty habit of appealing to populist nationalism, because it’s an easy way of galvanizing support. That slope is both slippery and dangerous. Its logical conclusion is in racism and xenophobia. It’s essential that arguments against the privatization of public assets are based on an ethic of economic and social justice, not nationalism.

We see an ever growing level of populist nationalistic rhetoric. It is, as the author says, a very easy way of galvanizing support.

The xenophobic nutters at work

April 28th, 2013 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar



This was pushed into various letterboxes in Auckland this weekend.

The resistance are part of the small fringe neo-nazi movement that Kyle Chapman and others are involved in.

But they do not exist in a vacuum. When politicians rail against Chinese immigration, rather than all immigration, they add fuel to the fire.

When politicians condemn a Chinese company buying a NZ farm, but remain silent over companies from other countries doing the same, they give solace to these people.

No one with an IQ over 50 really thinks there will be a Chinese armed invasion of New Zealand. But it must be sad and somewhat distressing for Chinese New Zealanders to have to put up with this crap.

It’s not a poll

April 27th, 2013 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

Migrant groups aren’t convinced New Zealand is a racist country, despite a new poll indicating overwhelmingly that it is.

Actually it does no such thing.

Seventy-six per cent of responses gathered by TV3’s The Vote on Wednesday night agreed with the proposition that New Zealand was racist.

That is not a poll. It is a meaningless self-selected sample. The results are in no way representative of the NZ population. It is representative of people who wanted to see a debate on TV3 about if NZ is racist and felt strongly enough to vote on it in their online survey.

There is a place for reporting unscientific surveys such as blog and online polls. But they should never ever be treated as representing NZ public opinion – let alone the basis for an entire news story.

Nasty racists

April 22nd, 2013 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

A white supremacist Christchurch group is planning to distribute anti-Chinese flyers around Auckland, a city council ethnic panel member says.

Chinese woman Bevan Chuang said she had received information that the Right Wing Resistance was planning to distribute leaflets in Titirangi, Manurewa and Onehunga attacking Chinese immigration.

“Safety is the most important thing, so please don’t confront the white power people with your bare hands,” Miss Chuang said in an email circulated to leading members of Auckland’s Chinese.

The Hong Kong-born panel member has also alerted the police Asian liaison officer to the matter.

Two years ago, the same group distributed “Stop the Asian Invasion” flyers in areas with high Asian population, such as Howick, Northcote and Pakuranga, sparking police concerns that the action would lead to racially motivated violence.

The far-right group also tried then to recruit non-Asian immigrants to join its campaign against the Chinese. …

Miss Chuang said she had been receiving “crazy neo-Nazi posts” on her Facebook page, attacking her ethnicity.

An unsolicited post received by Miss Chuang described Chinese people as “the cancer of New Zealand”, bringing mass pollution and “over-breeding”.

It added, “Go back there, we don’t want your rubbish communist politics in our free country”.

Another described Asian people as “fish faced” and said they moved to New Zealand only after poisoning the water and rivers at home.

“You … claim to be Kiwi when you are not born here, so you are not,” one post said.

“Tell your Asian mates they ain’t welcome, spread it around like Chinese whispers we don’t want you here.”

 I’m pretty sure that Miss Chuang’s politics are not communist!

Almost all the communists in New Zealand are Europeans, and are current or former Green Party MPs 🙂

If we didn’t have Chinese New Zealanders, we wouldn’t have hilarious shows such as Flat 3. There are six web-episodes, and its a pretty funny show about three young Kiwis.

Grey Power

March 11th, 2013 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Mathew Dearnaley at NZ Herald reports:

A senior Grey Power official has complained about the planned increase in immigrants in Auckland – prompting claims from his national president that his submission is racist.

Auckland zone director Bill Rayner wrote in a submission to Auckland Council that the community and lifestyle of the region’s older residents “is under serious threat from the rapid and huge changes in size and ethnic mix projections included in the Auckland Plan”.

His submission also calls on Auckland Council to hold a forum to make decisions about the Super City’s “optimum size and ethnicity”.

It is not at all racist to say the pace of immigration is too high. It is racist though to say we only want people from certain ethnicities.

One size should not fit all when it comes to hairdressing licence fees in a multi-cultural Auckland, says Grey Power regional director Bill Rayner.

Arguing against a standardised fee of $207 across the region, Mr Rayner has referred Auckland Council to the varied hair types .

“It is clear that in South Auckland with a large Pasifika population, [with] big people with good heads of hair, the hairdresser needs are quite different from Remuera where perms and pin curls are probably still a key feature of the hairdressers’ professional skill,” he wrote.

Members of the Asian population have very straight hair, and “due recognition should be given to the greater productivity that results from cutting thinning hair in areas of a high population of seniors”.

Oh dear. I think his comments speak for themselves.

NZ First MPs

February 13th, 2013 at 9:05 am by David Farrar

Andrea Vance at Stuff reports:

NZ First MPs are privately seething at Richard Prosser’s call for Muslims to be banned from Western airlines.

I’m not surprised.

There are some good people in NZ First. I’m no fan of Winston but some of his MPs are trying to be productive Representatives in Parliament. I’m sure they are cringing at the thought of having to explain to their friends and families how they are part of a party where an MP can refer to Muslims coming from Wogistan and calls on anyone who is “or looks like” a Muslim being banned from air travel if they are a young male.

The list MP went to ground yesterday after his remarks were widely publicised and provoked controversy. NZ First leader Winston Peters has refused to sack him and says he doesn’t have to apologise.

They should be equally angry at Winston. He has made it impossible for them to distance themselves from the views expressed, as not even the bare minimum of an apology has been given. They have no defence against people saying they are part of a party that effectively allows MPs to label some New Zealanders as wogs and that wogs shouldn’t be allowed on our planes.

A NZ First source said its MPs were furious and believed Mr Prosser “acted like a stupid idiot”.

Did no one in NZ First think to vet the column before publication. It is common in pretty much every party for columns to be go through the Leader’s Office in advance. You can’t allow an MP to claim they are a journalist and an MP, and what they write as a journalist is exempt.

And if I was in NZ First, I’d also be annoyed that the Leader knew about the column for three weeks and did nothing.

In a later interview he stood by his views and went on to say that an Israeli airline that bans Muslims is one of the world’s safest carriers.

Incidentally this is wrong. They do not ban Muslims. And having travelled to Israel let me tell you the security there is far more rigorous than merely losing a pocket knife as happened to Prosser. It took me over an hour to clear security – and you know I don’t “look like a Muslim” so the references to Israel are quite wrong.

“We are a mature party, we don’t go round telling people off. After a rational discussion he has changed his mind,” Mr Peters said. “. . . We can’t take it any further than that. He’s had a chance to reflect . . . he admits it was unbalanced.”


The comments have gained some attention overseas, being well covered by Australian news organisations and turning up further afield in such publications as the Singapore-based Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia, Dubai-based Gulf News, and the UK edition of the Huffington Post.

I doubt there is another country on Earth where a legislator has actually seriously called for a travel ban on anyone who “looks likes a Muslim”, and is young and male.

UPDATE: The spin doctors have now got to Prosser and after saying he stands by what he wrote yesterday, he today said on Nine to Noon he regrets his choice of words (yet defends the use of the word wog!) and that he should have called for a debate on profiling, not a travel ban. There is a world of difference between what he wrote and what he now says he should have written.

He’s also trying to distract by saying my release of the story was part of a National strategy to cover up some (unidentified) other issue. Maybe he means the Papal abdication?

As I tweeted this morning, no one in National knew of my blog post before I made it. The only person who knew would be my flatmate after I showed him the article last night. You see, I only purchased a copy of Investigate on Monday afternoon, read the column with disbelief, and wrote my post that night timing it for 10 am Tuesday. So the conspiracy theory is just a desperate attempt to divert attention.

UPDATE 2: A very personal blog post from a Kiwi Muslim on what Prosser said.

I am a Bengali New Zealander. I am also a feminist, a bookworm, a foodie and a cinephile. Some days I have good taste in music and some days I have bad taste in music. I love the beach but hate getting sand everywhere. I speak several languages. I still get upset at the thought that Dumbledore dies. When I lived in Auckland, I thought of West Auckland as home. Now that I live in Wellington, I think of Auckland as home, and of Wellington as “my city,” whatever that means. I bake decent brownies (oh the irony).

Oh, yes, I am also a Muslim. …

Richard Prosser’s comments hurt because he’s saying I’m not a real New Zealander. I am an Other. I am suspect because I don’t, undoubtedly, look like his daughters. My little brother, now 20, studying a Bachelor of Commerce, with his terribly cheesy sense of humour and his kind, kind heart, who loves his sports and protein shakes but who I will partly always think of as that bossy toddler with chubby cheeks, is for no other reason than because Mr Prosser, from his position of power and privilege says so, not enough of a New Zealander. Because of only one thing, out of the many things that he is, because he is Muslim. Not enough of a New Zealander to deserve the minimum modicum of respect one would expect from an MP when talking about one of the citizens of this country, simply based on his faith, and, let’s be honest, the colour of his skin. Not enough of a New Zealander to get on his Western planes.

A very personal and moving post.

UPDATE3: The Radio NZ audio is embdedded below.

A mistake Winston says, but MP stands by his words

February 12th, 2013 at 2:53 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

Peters said this afternoon Prosser had made a mistake.

A mistake? It was a column! He wrote it. He says he stands by what he said. How can you claim it is a mistake!

He said he knew about the article three weeks ago, and told Prosser it wasn’t acceptable to present only one side of the argument.

“I’ve told him he cannot have a view that doesn’t have the balance in the other side of the argument.”

You think the lack of balance was the issue Winston? Not calling people wogs and saying people who look like wogs shouldn’t be allowed on planes? The issue wasn’t balance. Columns are not meant to be balanced. They are meant though not to be racist.

Prosser wrote the column as a journalist, not as a NZ First MP, and the views expressed were not those of the party, Peters said.

Are you serious? He wrote it as a journalist, not as an MP? That’s your excuse for doing nothing.

He said a press statement was imminent from Prosser – but the MP had said he stood by his comments.

Barry Soper reported that Prosser had said he stands  by his comments.

Trade Negotiations Minister Tim Groser is technically Muslim (as he married a Muslim). If he was a bit younger, then according to Prosser he should be banned from flying on Western airlines.

Many interesting, outraged and humourous comments on Twitter under the Wogistan hashtag.

Jess Mutch from One News has tweeted:

David Shearer says Richard Prosser’s comments were “offensive and completely inappropriate” but wouldn’t say if he would stand him down.

I would have thought that was an easy call for a Labour leader. But I guess he doesn’t want to upset a future coalition with Winston.

The Herald reports:

NZ First leader Winston Peters says there is an ‘element of truth’ in the column and he has not asked Mr Prosser to apologise.


The PM has said:

Prime Minister John Key said Mr Prosser’s comments were “an example of the depth of thinking coming out of New Zealand First”.

“It’s an appalling thing to say. It was premeditated. It was written in an opinion piece. It’s clearly what New Zealand First think of other New Zealanders but it’s a bit buffoonish if you ask me.”

And others:

Asked whether the NZ First MP should have kept his comments to himself, Mr Harawira said: “It’s best that they’re actually expressed openly because when people hold views as extreme as that it’s best that we hear them.”

I agree. It’s good to know that at least one NZ First MP things wogs shouldn’t be allowed on planes.

Act Party leader John Banks said the comments were “crazy” and “bizarre”.

“What can you say? I believe in good in all people, all races, all people.”

Asked whether there was a place for such extreme views in Parliament, Mr Banks said: “That is going to be tested by this member.”

United Future leader Peter Dunne also criticised the remarks on Twitter.

“It all reveals an ugly racist seam lurks just below the skin of too many people here – very uncomfortable,” he wrote.

We often call things racist too often. But in this case it is hard not to conclude it is racism when he writes of Wogistan and banning from travel anyone who “looks Muslim”.

Imagine how stable a Labour-Green-NZ First-Mana Government would be!

UPDATE: Listen to Richard Prosser on radio here. Some quotes:

  • it isn’t anything derogatory particularly
  • I certainly think it is appropriate for me to be making those comments
  • This is what we are here for – we are here to represent

Here to represent people who don’t like wogs.


February 12th, 2013 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser has a column in Investigate Magazine. In his latest column he refers to certain people as coming from “Wogistan” and also declares that no young male who is a Muslim, looks like a Muslim or is from a Muslim country should be able to fly on a Western airline.

It is worth realising that these are not comments made off the cuff in an interview. A New Zealand Member of Parliament sat down and wrote a column that refers to Wogistan and calls for basically dark-skinned people (how else do you interpret look like a Muslim) not to be allowed to fly.

36,000 New Zealanders are Muslims. A New Zealand MP has said they should be banned from flying or Air New Zealand if they are male and aged 19 to 35. I’m sorry, but that is appalling.

Now before anyone says this is just political correctness, and one should be able to talk about the fact almost all airline terrorism incidents have been done by young male Muslims – I agree.  I there there is an absolutely valid discussion to be held on issues such as the pros and cons of profiling, the costs of airline security, and the fact that so much terrorism is done in the name of Islam. In fact I have blogged on these issues several times.

But one can have that discussion without referring to Muslims implicitly as Wogs and without calling for Muslims to be banned from flying on Western airlines.

Some of the quotes from the article:

I will not stand by while their [his daughters’] rights and freedoms of other New Zealanders and Westerners, are denigrated by a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan …

I mean seriously – effectively calling people wogs. I actually like Richard Prosser and agree with him on a few issues, but this column is seriously offensive.

If you are a young male, aged between say about 19 and about 35, and you’re a Muslim, or you look like a Muslim, or you come from a Muslim country, then you are not welcome to travel on any of the West’s airline …

When he says looks like a Muslim, does he mean look like a wog? Because let’s face it any sensible wannabee terrorist could simply wear non-religious attire if they really wanted to blow up a plane. So I can only imagine “look like a Muslim” means if you look South East Asian or Persian or Arabic or Turkish etc? Never mind that they may in fact be Christian or Hindu or anything. If they look like a Muslim, we have a Member of Parliament saying you should not be able to travel on Western airlines?

Taking Richard literally, Air New Zealand should refuse to accept any passengers from Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia etc if they are a young male. This presumably includes all the students from those countries that are students at New Zealand universities.

If the belief systems of ancient history are so important to you, and the advances of the decadent West so abhorrent, go ride a camel instead?.

Now this comment was not directed at the extremists, but at anyone who is a Muslim, looks like a Muslim or comes from a Muslim country.

Now again, there is a very legitimate debate to be had about profiling, terrorism, extreme Islamists and the like. I’ve been attacked myself for writing on some of those issues.

But never in a hundred years would I refer to Wogistan and advocate that people be barred from flying based on their appearance or country of origin. And to have a Member of Parliament deliberately write that is staggering.

Labour and the Greens are desperate to form a Government with NZ First as they know it is near impossible without them. Will any Labour or Green MP come out and state what they think of their potential coalition partner writing about Wogistan? Winston wants to be Foreign Minister again. Does he stand by the views of his MP that young men from Malaysia and Indonesia should be banned from travelling on Western airlines?

A photo of the second page of the column is below.



July 15th, 2012 at 10:34 am by David Farrar

The HoS reports:

PPTA official Bronwyn Cross interjected at the meeting, describing the idea of placing the new schools in impoverished areas of south Auckland and Porirua as racism.

Trying to improve educational outcomes in South Auckland and Porirua is now racism. Really?

But the PPTA opposed the idea of sponsorship. Bunker said: “If there are commercial people out there wanting to contribute to the school system, they’d be better to pay additional taxes actually.”

How dare commercial people want to help local school kids. Does the PPTA also advocate no businesses donate items for school auctions?

A nasty piece of racist scum

June 14th, 2012 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

A man found guilty by a jury of what the judge called “despicable” racial attacks on Asian people has been jailed for three years and six months.

David Alan Dooley, 26, was upset when the jury returned its verdicts at the end of his Christchurch District Court trial and still does not accept the outcome. He is seen as a high risk of reoffending.

Dooley was sentenced yesterday on two charges of assault with intent to injure, injuring with intent to injure and burglary.

Defence counsel Allister Davis said Dooley was reluctant to accept the verdicts of the jury, so showed no remorse. He accepted that Dooley was on release conditions from prison when the offending happened.

Judge Alistair Garland said that on September 24, 2010, Dooley was walking along Riccarton Rd when he yelled at three teenage Asian males and ran across the road to them.

He used his left arm to push one to the ground, and a co-offender punched him. They then punched a second man to the ground and kicked him in the head and body.

The group continued along Riccarton Rd and yelled at an Asian man riding his bicycle. Two of the group chased him and kicked him in the head and upper body.

Further along the road they followed a couple on to their property while shouting racial abuse. They cornered the man and banged his head against the door.

Thankfully such racially motivated violence is rare in New Zealand. I don’t know what is in the water in Christchurch that they are unlucky enough to breed people like Dooley.

Dooley has previously been found driving while disqualified, breaches of supervision, breach of community work, and breach of bail, theft, obscene exposure, and breach of prison release conditions.