Whale v Sister

March 3rd, 2012 at 1:09 pm by David Farrar

Whale Oil blogs:

I just had a phone call from the sister of the Turangi Child Rapist, Raurangi Marino. …

Then she started into a lecture about how her wee brother was hard done by. How the police fitted him up and he was only wasted and fell onto the little girl. How it was all a fit up by the girls mother.

It sickened me. What a bunch of losers. Explaining away hours of surgery to repair the damage that this shit-bag did to a 5 year old on “just being wasted”.

This family is disfunctional. They are justifying crimes and excusing abhorrent behaviour.

The last thing she said is that I breached her poor wee brother’s privacy by posting photos he put on Facebook….on his open and public page. I told her to get fucked, that I won;t ever take down the photos and they could whinge all they liked to the Privacy Commissioner.

She told me she would before she hung up. I can’t hardly wait.

This confirms all my worst fears. This suggests all the remorse is a sham, and that the offender probably has no one in his life telling him how what he did is so horribly horribly wrong.

Violence begets violence

March 1st, 2012 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

We know the details that shocked a nation:

Inside the caravan, Raurangi Marino locked the door and grabbed the girl around the neck as she tried to flee.

He began to choke her in an attempt to stop her screams; he did so with such force that she passed out. Then he began to beat her about the face and body with his fists and elbows while sexually assaulting her.

The attack on the girl left her with four teeth knocked out and serious internal injuries.

Both her eyes were swollen shut and she had cuts and bruising to her face.

She was rushed to Waikato Hospital in a life-threatened condition and underwent surgery for 4½ hours.

The 10 year sentence seems appropriate for me. I understand the severity of the assault had a starting point of 18 years, but then you discount 30% for the guilty plea and a discount for his age.  While not abdicating him of responsibility, his background is very sad:

Immersed in a life of gang culture, Marino grew up wanting to emulate his father and join a gang, the court was told.

His childhood was bereft of role models or strong parenting, and marked by excessive violence between his parents, and from his father.

His parents separated when he was 13 and he did not see his mother for three years.

He was badly burned as a child when his siblings ran a hot bath for him, because his mother was drunk.

The injuries to his hands required extensive skin grafts.

A family member sexually assaulted him when he was 9 and again when he was 15, the court heard.

I do wonder how he managed to stay with his parents all this time, and not get placed into care?