Cactus Kate on hot male journalists

September 5th, 2008 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

I’m sure all the media will be reading Cactus Kate’s comments on what she calls the Soper Syndrome – hot aging male journalists.

Kate proclaims the following as hot:

  • “Baron” Barry Soper
  • “Gorgeous” Sean Plunkett
  • “Pitt-Clooney” Stephen Parker
  • “Chess Champion” Vernon Small
  • Richard Long
  • Richard Griffin

The only one she marks down is Duncan Garner who gets “not hot yet”.

I think Kate is protesting too loudly here. Those of us who knew Kate before she was a blogger recall a small period of time when she had a small crush on Mr Garner. And when I say small crush, I mean raging stalker like obsession. Luckily Duncan got married, and Kate got distracted!

Listen to Radio NZ

August 29th, 2008 at 11:02 am by David Farrar

First listen to Bob Jones here.

Jones explicitly says Peters has lied to Parliament, as he is not happy with the information he has received to date.

Then listen to Winston Peters here.

Peters reveals he has been speaking to Bob Jones to reassure him about his donation to the Spencer Trust, and that it has been properly accounted for. But if Winston knows nothing about the Spencer Trust, how can he give that reassurance?

He went onto to say he had made inquires and is satisfied the money conclusively demonstrably ended up in NZ First.

If so, then why was no donation from either Bob Jones or the Spencer Trust declared in NZ First’s annual donation return to the Electoral Commission?

The entire interview is pathetic with Peters grasping for straws. He could give no credible answer to the question as to why he was not concerned that Owen Glenn was telling the PM of a donation he claimed to know nothing about. Any sane person would have contacted Owen Glenn and asked him why does he has this belief?

We also know that Peters and Glenn had talked after Feb 2008. Are we expected to beleive that having had the Prime Minister of NZ tell you that Owen Glenn thinks he donated $100,000 to you, Winston Peters would not have raised the issue with Owen Glenn when they were talking on other issues?