How Bob Jones almost got done for arson

I’m a supporter of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. We have a good justice system but there are miscarriages of justice.

Bob Jones wrote a fascinating blog on how around 60 years ago he was on the verge of being arrested for an arson with strong circumstantial evidence against him. But fortunately the police officer interviewed a neighbour who identified someone as hanging about, who as it turned out had just been released from prison for arson, and was the one responsible.

If someone like Bob Jones could almost end up falsely charged (and probably convicted) it can happen to anyone. Not that it happens often, but it does happen.

Roy Morgan poll July 2021

The July 2021 Roy Morgan is out.

Party Vote

  • Labour 39.5% (+1.0% from June)
  • National 29.0% (-0.5%)
  • Greens 10.0% (-2.5%)
  • ACT 13.0% (+1.5%)
  • Maori 2.5% (nc)


  • Labour 50 (-15 from election)
  • National 37 (+4)
  • Greens 13 (+3)
  • ACT 17 (+7)
  • Maori 3 (+1)


  • Labour/Green 63/120
  • National/ACT 54/120


  • Right 55.5% (-1.5%)
  • Wrong 34.5% (+1.5%)

This is the second month in a row Roy Morgan has had Labour in the 30s. Basically National and Labour are unchanged from June but as ACT are up and the Greens are down the gap between the centre-right and centre-left has narrowed with Labour and Greens projected to have 63 seats – only two more than they need to govern.

Racial quota for govt tenders now

Northern Region DHB wrote:

In December 2020, Cabinet approved the progressive procurement policy aimed at increasing the diversity of Government suppliers. As part of this policy, all government agencies that are mandated to apply Government Procurement Rules are required to award at least 5% of their yearly procurement contracts to Māori businesses.

Te Puni Kōkiri and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment are implementing the progressive procurement policy to support Māori enterprise. For this policy, a Māori business is defined as

having at least 50% Māori ownership; or

a Māori Authority as defined by the Inland Revenue Department.

So if one of the owners of the business has a great great great grandparent who was Maori they get preferential treatment over other suppliers, even if more expensive or lesser quality. And this is mandatory.

It’s nothing to do with if the business employs Maori staff, or helps underprivileged communities. It is purely to do with the racial background of the owner.

Two former Chairman of the Business Roundtable are Maori – Sir Ralph Norris and Sir Rob McLeod. So if they own 50% of a company, that company gets preferential treatment over a company owned by say a small business owner from Napier.

The intention may be good, but race based quotas in procurement are an awful idea.

Stuff ignores the educational elephant in the room

Stuff reports:

Achievement gaps between groups of students have persisted and in some cases worsened over the last decade despite an overall improvement in ​NCEA results, a Stuff data analysis shows.

Among the findings, Māori and Pasifika students remain behind those from other backgrounds and boys continue to outperform girls in science and maths at the highest level, Scholarship – which carries monetary awards of between $500 and $30,000.

Stuff has a woke world view that males are always oppressors and females always the oppressed so the only gender disparity they focused on was the miniscule numbers of students who get scholarship in science and maths. This allows them to paint the system as advantaging boys. They ignored all the results at sub-scholarship level and in all other subjects to find something that fits their narrative.

The reality is the opposite. Boys are doing far far worse in our educational system. It isn’t even close. In 2018 I blogged boys are:

  • 11% less likely to get NCEA Level 1
  • 7% less likely to get NCEA Level 2
  • 14% less likely to get NCEA Level 3
  • 25% more likely to leave school with no qualifications
  • Twice as likely to be a high (special) needs student
  • 27% less likely to get UE

Not one mention of this in the article. If it was the other way around, it would be reported constantly.

Boys are also 42% less likely to be in tertiary education. Why is this not a concern?

But this is sadly what we get from the media – stories that only fit their worldview.

Even The Standard editors are against the hate speech laws

Advantage at The Standard writes:

If we look back on the origins of the Labour Party, there are plenty of photographs of Michael Joseph Savage and others bringing in some of the most volatile ideological concepts that society had then known, standing in front of crowds declaiming against capitalism in front of thousands of workers. Strike after violent bloody strike from Waihi onwards saw gradual growth in support for the Socialist Party, Independent Political Labour League, United labour League, and whole bunches of pretty muscular and aggressive unions. They spoke to those gathered thousands to specifically incite rebellion against specific companies, specific bosses, imperialism generally and compulsory military service, and their pamphlets and cartoons were by today’s standards outrageously slanderous. I doubt the Labour Party would have been able to exist today if this proposed control of speech had occurred then. We know what the bosses and rulers would have done, because they actually did it.

Where would we be now if such freedom of expression had been stopped?

New Zealand is extraordinarily fortunate that since the 1880s Maori leadership haven’t incited military violence to resist the early state. I’m tempted to say that such incitement is coded into the Haka we now use before Rugby games. But we have instead in New Zealand a very long tradition of civil society resistance that leads to renewal.

Do we need to go through the Springbok Tour resistance, and how much force the state put against protest, and how much force was organised by the protesters? This is how the state deploys the law when it feels like it.

The key difference between violent resistance in our history since the New Zealand wars, and the Christchurch Massacre, was not the regulation of speech but the collection of semiautomatic weapons and ammunition to carry out the murders. The buyback was a good idea and I hope Police continue to use its provisions.

We already have the capacity to remove speech which is so harmful that it should be removed, through the Chief Censor. Yesterday he ordered a specific cartoon of Muslims to be removed, and it was done. No law needed to be changed for that.

And in the comments Lynn Prentice states:

I have to agree. The problem isn’t the hate speech. As a society we can deal with demented dimwits. It isn’t the intent that is the problem. I am perfectly happy calling a demented dimwit out for who I think they are. So are many others.

The problem is when a demented dimwit gets enough power like automatic weapons, bomb making components, or other other tools of mass death. That allows them to cause damage far outside their normal abilities to convince and convert.

We need to control the potential actions. Not people’s ability to defend with words against the words of idiots.

A rare time I agree.

The most vulnerable now waiting six months, not one week

Nicola Willis released:

Never before released data shows there has been a huge increase in the number of people in severe need waiting for a state house, National’s Housing spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

At risk applicants on the housing register are ranked on a scale of 1-20, with ‘A-20’ being the most at risk. These are people with high health needs or domestic abuse victims who desperately need a home.

Ms Willis says the data she has obtained through written questions shows the number of people in the top three risk categories has gone from 57 people in December 2017, to 2100 today.

“In December 2017, only three people met the criteria for highest risk, and on average they waited less than a week to be housed. Today that number is 198, and they’re now waiting an average 207 days for a home.

So the most vulnerable group in A20 used to get housed within a week under National and now they wait over 200 days on average. This is shameful.

Lock him up

The Herald reports:

“I will personally wipe you off this planet” and “I will blow your head off” are death threats a man allegedly sent to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and then Justice Minister Andrew Little among a barrage of abusive emails over a three-month period.

The Crown alleges Michael Cruickshank, in his 50s, regularly referred to the Prime Minister and Government as criminals, slave traders and state-sanctioned terrorists among some 88 lengthy emails he sent between October 2019 and January 2020. …

The email was also sent to a range of other recipients, including ACC staff, media organisations and then British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Another one aimed at Ardern and Little, sent half an hour later, read: “I will blow your … head off if your gas lighting on my life continues.

“You have kids who want to see you grow old, as do I. I suggest you place that into proper perspective.”

I think a jail term is warranted for these sort of threats. It is one thing for people to say stupid stuff on social media, but to e-mail Ministers directly threatening to kill them is reprehensible and should not be tolerated.

$6.1 million to The Spinoff from taxpayers

I was stunned by this amount. The Spinoff is a very left leaning website that seems to have the taxpayer as their major funder.

I don’t begrudge them for appling, but what on earth is NZ on Air doing throwing so much money at them. My God they got $175,000 just to interview some youth political party leaders!

Here’s the data I’d like to see. How many viewers did each of these projects get?

The case of the MIA Minister of Education and the rogue officials.

As detailed a few days ago the Villa Education Trust is in a huge battle with the Ministry of Education to be allowed to provide specialised education for up to 480 neuro-diverse learners through a non-zoned, Designated Character School, near an Auckland transport hub. There is massive demand for this.

We received new information today. The background is that; in response to the nonsensical rejection letter from the Minister – claiming these students are all well provided for in all State schools – a parent sent information on how much she pays (as a donation) for support for her 8 year old in a State school. It was sent on July 6. A Ministry official contacted that school and forced them to withdraw that provision on July 7. It has had a huge impact on the family and was, at best a callous act and the most they can say is that it might have been better to have directly contacted the family to “avoid confusion”. This has emotionally and provision-wise affected thousands of families who have lost this avenue for helping their child. It has effectively slashed funding for many, many schools for their high needs students. It has had huge media/social media.

The new information? Hipkins has today responded to a written question that he first read the parents email on July 16. He had even fronted media on it on the 15th. On the 6th and 7th – despite the email being sent addressed to the Minister that officials simply took it upon themselves to shoot from the hip.

So … rogue officials and a Minister not across his portfolio. Care, kindness and transparency? This is a Minister that has refused to meet with us for four years.

The most recent coverage of this (before today’s information) was thirty minutes on RNZ yesterday.

Wrong parole decision

Stuff reports:

Just months after being released on parole, serial groper and former cricketer Jason Trembath​ is back in prison after contacting women on Tinder.

The 32-year-old was sentenced to five years and four months in prison in June 2019, after admitting 11 charges of indecent assault, involving groping several women during 2017.

Trembath was released on parole on May 4, with strict conditions until his official release date of December 31, 2023. Those conditions included not gambling, and not possessing or using any electronic device capable of accessing the Internet.

So his sentence was 64 months. The Parole Board let him out after just 23 months!

Trembath was recalled to prison on June 16 on the ground of “undue risk and breach of release conditions,” and the Parole Board met on July 8 to discuss his case.

They heard that ​Trembath admitted he had bought a cell-phone, along with a plan that included Internet data, in May.

A probation officer received information on June 15​ that Trembath had created a personal profile and had “recently been contacting women on Tinder,” the New Zealand Parole Board decision said.

No doubt he’ll get parole again in a few months!

$2.75 million to an organisation that endorsed Labour

Hard 2 Reach is the company owned by Mongrel Mob member Harry Tam, that Labour gave $2.75 million to.

And here is what Tam wrote on the official H2R website in August 2020:

Today’s generation of gang members are the children from the era of the benefit cuts and low wages, thus the growth in economic and social disparities where the marginalised and unskilled commit crime to survive. It is for these reasons the gang community has only one option in this election and that is to vote Labour. Voting Labour not because we necessarily support Labour but we need to vote Labour to keep Judith and National out. When you look at the gang numbers we have a voice if we care to use it. Lets start using it now for our own survival and freedom.

No wonder Labour changed the law allowing some prisoners to vote!

Hate speech laws, but only for some!

Radio NZ reports:

Gender Minorities Aotearoa’s national coordinator Ahi Wi-Hongi said the reforms also needed to be clarified so they couldn’t be used against the minority communities they are supposed to protect.

“I think it’s really important the legislation is really specific about who and what types of speech will be covered by the legislation. We want to make sure that whatever is in these laws will protect trans people and not be used against trans people who are standing up to bullying and harassment.”

The translation of this is that they want the laws to stop speech they disagree with, but allow their speech.

Rule of Law wins in Samoa

Reuters reports:

The former prime minister of Samoa has conceded defeat in elections held in April, Radio New Zealand reported on Monday, in a move that would bring to an end months of political instability.

Samoa descended into chaos earlier this year after then Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, refused to give way after losing a parliamentary election in April that would have ended his 22 years in power.

But Samoa’s Court of Appeal ruled last week that a makeshift swearing in ceremony for the country’s next government was legal, officially installing Samoa’s first female prime minister, Fiame Naomi Mataafa.

While it had not been immediately clear whether Tuilaepa would abide by the ruling, Radio New Zealand reported that he had now conceded defeat.

Good to see the rule of law won out. Now they just need to replace the Head of State who obviously went rogue.

This shows the danger of one party ruling for so long – they think they are above the law.

Why is the left not outraged over this Sieg Heil?

Newshub reports:

The New Zealand Jewish Council is hitting out at the Mongrel Mob after a video surfaced of lifetime member Harry Tam saying “sieg heil” –  a victory salute used by Nazis at political rallies. 

The video, which was shared by the National Party on Wednesday, shows Tam speaking to a group of Mongrel Mob members about voting. He also uses the offensive phrase several times despite the Mongrel Mob Kingdom vowing to stop using it after the Christchurch terror attacks. 

Spokesperson for the New Zealand Jewish Council Juliet Moses condemned Tam’s comments on Friday. 

“The Jewish Council is very disturbed to see the video of Harry Tam chanting the infamous Nazi salutation ‘sieg heil’.

Labour gave $2.75 million to a man who goes around chanting sieg heil to his fellow gang members.

Now it is fair to assume that Tam and the Mongrel Mob are not actual Nazis. The defence is that they are just saying it to shock people.

But does that lessen its impact on survivors of the Holocaust? I’d say a Jewish person hearing that phrase is not dissimilar to a black person hearing the N word.

Economic optimism in NZ

Pew asked adults in 17 OECD countries if the current economic situation in their country was good or bad. The net satisfaction (good less bad) by country was:

  1. Sweden +72%
  2. Australia +48%
  3. New Zealand +48%
  4. Netherlands +39%
  5. Singapore +38%
  6. Germany +20%
  7. Taiwan +13%
  8. Canada -2%
  9. Belgium -5%
  10. UK -11%
  11. US – 42%
  12. Greece -44%
  13. South Korea -44%
  14. France -46%
  15. Japan -62%
  16. Spain -74%
  17. Italy -75%

Fascinating that Sweden is so massively high. Australia and NZ both very high also.

The Govt screwed up by not ordering vaccines earlier

Robert MacCulloch writes:

The cost of the vaccine is tiny compared to the cost of closing down our nation due to an outbreak. The Pfizer vaccine costs around $US 20. So to vaccinate NZ would cost $US 200 million (for two doses). Whereas the cost of the wage subsidy scheme alone last year was between $10,000 million and $15,000 million.

As a result, the Ministry of Health should have ordered 5 million vaccine courses from Pfizer as early as possible, as well as this same number from each of the other suppliers, even if the government ended up binning some of its choices. The decision to “make Pfizer our primary vaccine provider”, as stated by the Ministry, shouldn’t have been made in January 2021 on the ex-post medical grounds they describe. Ex-ante, 5 million courses of all available vaccines should have been ordered – the cost being so small relative to potential benefits that even if those benefits didn’t materialize in the case of some purchases – it didn’t matter.

Instead the Ministry of Health under-ordered last year since they didn’t do the simplest, most basic, one-liner of a CBA. Blaming our bottom-of-the-OECD vaccination rate on Pfizer is an outrage. It was a late order. By the way, the British Medical Journal reports, “Israel, which is on course to vaccinate all its citizens before any other nation [in January 2021] acknowledged paying $US 23.50 per dose to Pfizer to obtain early shipments. Even at this high price, vaccinating the entire population of Israel costs the economy only as much as two days of lockdown”. Shame our Wellington bureaucrats couldn’t do the math.

This is entirely right – we should have ordered five or ten million of each vaccine the moment we could have.

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