St Molesworth: Top 10 signs you’re not likely to win a Labour Party list seat

Very funny this week.

Top 10 signs you’re not likely to win a Labour Party list seat

1. You once employed someone with your own money.

2. When Helen Clark spoke glowingly about the Swedish model, you assumed she was referring to Tiger Woods’ wife.

3. You acknowledge that the UN sex scandals exist and may undermine the organisation’s moral authority.

4. You thought Jim Anderton was joking when he announced the appointment of Brian Easton to the Growth and Innovation Advisory Board.

5. You innocently asked President Mike Williams whether the Labour Party was required to include the Radio NZ budget in its statement of political donations.

6. You’ve eaten all the cheese, drunk all the wine, been made a member of the NZ Order of Merit and been pensioned off to London.

7. You think Michel Foucault may have played fullback for France during the 80s.

8. You don’t think disarming New Zealand ‘s military will turn the country into a moral superpower.

9. Chris Carter doesn’t immediately spring to mind when someone says “average Kiwi bloke”.

10. You’re the Minister of Police.

Be brave and pass it on!

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