Christian Heritage ex-Leader guilty of indecent assault on a young girl

The Rev Graham Capill, who was Leader of the Christian Heritage Party for over a decade until recently retiring, has pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a young girl aged under 12.

He has admitted a representative charge of indecently assaulting a girl aged under 12 between 2001 and 2002. A representative charge generally indicates there were so many occurrences that just one is chosen to represent the overall offending. The timing of the offences is when he was Leader of the Christian Heritage Party, and his candidates were trying to get him elected to Parliament.

Quite frankly the Christian Heritage Party should disband. All parties can have candidates who break the law, but when it is the man who has been identified as the face of the party for a decade, and for sexually abusing a young girl, their credibility is dead.

I note the CHP has deleted a few days ago all mentions of Capill from their website, and even done an Orwellian editing of speeches from the new leader, deleting even references to him.

I could make a comment about what is worse – being associated with someone accused of 20 years ago advocating relationships with younger people, and having tried to get elected to Parliament someone who was actually abusing a young girl. There is an old maxim about not throwing stones in glasshouses.

Lets also remember that while many like me will focus on the hypocrisy of Capill and CHP, there is a very real victim in all this, and the high profile this will attract will make it even harder for her, so please keep comments moderate.

Let the comments begin …

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