Time for Christian Heritage to wind itself up

I think it is time the Christian Heritage Party winds itself up. Some may think this is a bit harsh, as after all every party has a share of ratbags. Yes, this is true, but in the case of Graham Capill, it is different. Why?

Firstly Graham Capill was not just a member, or even just a leader. He was Christian Heritage. I am not sure if he literally founded the party, but he was Leader for over ten years, and the party even had his name as part of its official name. Capill was to Christian Heritage what Anderton is to the Progressive Party.

Secondly the CHP was basically a single-issue party. It was all about moral values. They will never ever have credibility on moral issues again. You can not be led by a child rapist for ten years, and ever be taken seriously on moral issues. And his offending began *prior* to him becoming Leader of the CHP. He was raping and abusing little girls throughout his entire time as CHP Leader. I’m sorry but a few Hail Marys is not going to have that sin forgiven, or at least forgotten.

The combination of being leader and public voice, and being found guilty on the one issue they are most associated with is not something you can just shrug off, and say “We were not to know”.

The analogy is if, for example, NZ First Leader Winston Peters was found to be have Saddam Hussein living in his house as an illegal immigrant, and speech writer.

Or if Helen Clark was found to be the owner and manager of a sweat-shop (No I don’t mean the Burns Unit) forcing children to work 16 hours a day for 20 cents an hour.

These are blows from which there is no return, despite what Ewen McQueen thinks.

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