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I beleive in a secular state. Many on the left claim to beleive in a secular state also, but they lose their principles when it comes to so-called Maori spiritual beliefs.

The HoS reports on how and Transit are helping arrange for 10,000 litres of Waikato River to be sprayed on a motorway to free the spirits of fatal accident victims.

Now this is bad enough, but listen to the weasel words from the to justify this:

“There are a lot of people who believe in this”

Bullshit. I’d say not even 1% of Maori actually believe this. They may support it being done as a custom, but I doubt any sane person honestly honestly beleives that God is so capricious that if you die in car crash you stay in limbo for ever until the tapu is lifted in that road. Doesn’t matter than you might be Joan of Arc – no tapu lifting, no heaven. And God knows what he does with all those who die overseas – obviously only NZers go to heaven – every other dead person in the world still has their spirit stuck down here.

PC Plod then says:

“It’s not a religious thing”

I’m sorry, but how is freeing spirits not a religious thing. It’s certainly not an agnostic or athiest thing.

“It’s a Maori belief”

Okay so Mr Plod has redefined this from being religious to being a “belief”. What the fuck is except beliefs.

“Everett said there was no cost to aside from time.”

Yeah and what good is time except to catch criminals.

Incidentially I would have no objection at all to local Iwi wanting to do this, just as I have no objection to Catholics, Anglicans or Scientologists also wanting to practice their beliefs. What I object to is the time and money of the so-called secular state being part of this.

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