Feeling the pressure

are showing signs of feeling the pressure as they cope with scandal after scandal and a backlash against the smacking ban bill. Watch this video (thanks to Whale Oil) from Parliament today as Steve Maharey says “fuck you” to National MP Jonathan Coleman. TV isn’t allowed to play the unedited footage on air as it would breach broadcasting standards – and this is the Broadcasting Minister. Maharey claims it was a “slip of the tongue”. Yeah Right.

And last week Trevor Mallard was dispatched to the press gallery to complain to them that the gallery are not sycophantic enough biased against the Government. This did not go down well with some journalists especially as Trevor’s diplomacy saw him ending up in a heated argument (could be clearly heard in other offices) with TVNZ Political Editor Guyon Espiner. TVNZ’ was castigated for not having given the PM’s Washington trip enough positive coverage.

The PM got incredibly positive coverage of her trip. I even said on Good Morning TV that it had been very successful. God knows how positive it would need to be, to meet the Government’s requirements. They must be looking at the Chinese model of reporting with favour.

No wonder Jordan continues to make posts wailing and wailing. Can I please urge anyone out there who is a swinging voter, who is not a party loyalist, to go read the first post especially, but also the second. And also all the comments if you have time.

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