Top Ten political stories/themes by NZPA

This isn’t online yet (and weirdly is in the NZPA general feed instead of political feed), but interesting to see what the top ten political stories are according to NZPA:

  • 10 – The rise and fall of the religious right (self explanatory)
  • 9 – A tale of many countries (Winston’s diplomacy)
  • 8 – Labour’s attempts to rejuvenate marred by numerous stumbles
  • 7 – The fumbled war against terrorism (referring to NZ, not internationally)
  • 6 – The politicisation of the public service (which has been on going for some years)
  • 5 – It’s not easy being green (Labour and National stealing green voters)
  • 4 – The rise of National (self explanatory)
  • 3 – It’s the economy, stupid (low unemployment, high interest rates, high dollar)
  • 2 – Labour takes a smacking (Section 59 – interesting that Labour si mishnalded this, they got blamed for a Green bill)
  • 1 – Electoral Law (very pleased to see this rated as the number one story)

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