Clark also damns Peters

Clark has damned herself with her revelation today. But she has halped damn Peters also.

Now only a moron would believe Peters insistance he knew nothing of the $100,000 donation until Brian Henry told him in July. But let us pretend for a second we are all morons and Peters did not solicit the money from Glenn, and did not thank him for it.

has said she told WInston in February, that told her he had donated. Now even if one beleives Peters knew nothing up until then, as of February he conculsively knew Owen Glenn was so insistent he had donated her had told the Prime of NZ he had.

Now after being told that, he went on to do his infamous No press conference, despite knowing that Glenn thought he had donated.

And after the Herald published the e-mail from Owen Glenn, he accussed the NZ Herald fo fabricating it, despite the fact he absolutely knew did think he had donated.

This kills Peters credibility, if he had any to kill. He says the first he knew of it was when Brian Henry told him. This is untrue. Even if you do not believe he solicited the donation, has said she told him about Glenn’s belief in it some months earlier.

Just as bad, is that sad there throughout the No press conference and the attacks on the NZ Herald saying nothing, despite having been told by Owen Glenn. She even said nothing when sain in July this was the first he knew of the donation – something she knew was false, as she had told him about it.

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