Just retired Labour MP off to Aussie as can’t get job in NZ

Colin Espiner reports:

Former Labour MP plans to move to because she cannot find work.

The three-term Wairarapa MP, the world’s first transsexual politician, said she was disillusioned with life after politics and upset at the treatment she had received from her former colleagues.

Beyer said that while other former Labour MPs were appointed to boards, she had received nothing and was turned down for a position on the Human Rights Commission.

Good God. How dare they not appoint her. I mean how can you possibly get a job, unless your mates appoint you to a taxpayer funded board.

“That I’m of no further use to my country is why I’m considering Australia, that my former parliamentary colleagues seem not to want to appoint me to anything, but are quite happy to accommodate others who have left or are about to, so as to shut them up from whingeing from the sidelines in election year.

“One could be forgiven for being a little vexed.”

What a disgusting sense of entitlement she is exhibiting.

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