An Adagio Christmas

Just got back from Downstage, where I watched An Adagio Christmas.

The performance was very silly, but very very very funny. It was a superb hour of entertainment, and I really can’t think of anyone who would not enjoy it – from kids to grandparents.

I won’t talk about the plot, because there isn’t really one. It is more a collection of acts, woven together with humour and skill. Instead I’ll rave about the company.

Mason West and Rowan Heydon White were the two circus artists. They do everything but fly through the air as they use poles, ropes and scarves to perform. They both have incredible muscle strength and do that really should be impossible such as holding themselves almost at right angles to the pole with their arms. Any thought of as the weaker sex would disappear after watching Rowan.

Angela Green was wonderful in her myriad roles from strugling author (her metaphors make you groan) to bolshie puppet.

Jenny MacArthur appeared to be a grumpy old woman, but transforms literally into a fairy. She was hugely entertaining.

Asalemo Tofete was the big guy who was the butt of several (politically incorrect) jokes.

And Rosemary Langabeer and William Henderson provided the zany music.

Part of why the show was so enjoyable, was that you could see the company were enjoying it also. It was funny, cheeky, a bit sensual, and very manic.

Downstage could offer a money back if you don’t like it guarantee on show, and be confident they won’t have to pay out a cent.

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