NZ 15th of 163 for environmental protection

Yale University has published its 2009 environmental protection index.

NZ is in 15th place, with a score of 73.4. Iceland is at 93.5.

Sierra Leone is bottom at 163 with 32.1

The overall ranking is made up of 15 categories. NZ’s score per category is:

  1. Environmental Health 10th=
  2. Ecosystem Vitality 79th=
  3. Environmental Burden of Disease 21st=
  4. Air Pollution (effects on human) 3rd=
  5. Water (effects on human) 1st=
  6. Water (effects on ecosystem) 11th=
  7. Air Pollution (effects on ecosystems) 50th=
  8. Biodiversity and habitat 71st
  9. Forestry 1st=
  10. Fisheries 47th
  11. Agriculture 7th
  12. Climate Change 135th
  13. Environmental Burden of Disease 21st=
  14. Urban Particulates 1st=
  15. Indoor Air 1st=
  16. Access to Sanitation 1st=
  17. Access to Drinking Water 1st=
  18. Water Quality 2nd
  19. Water Scarcity 1st=
  20. Water Stress 54th
  21. Nitrous Oxide Emissions 123rd=
  22. Sulphur Dioxide Emissions 96th
  23. Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compound Emissions 106th=
  24. Ozone Exceedance 1st=
  25. Biome Protection 69th
  26. Critical Habitat Protection 14th
  27. Marine Protected Areas 69th
  28. Growing Stock Not Rated
  29. Forest Cover 1st=
  30. Marine Tropic Index 1st=
  31. Trawling Intensity 63rd
  32. Pesticide Regulation 1st=
  33. Agricultural Subsidies 109th=
  34. Agricultural Water Intensity 1st=
  35. Greenhouse Gas Emissions per capita 149th
  36. Industrial Carbon Intensity 66th
  37. Electricity Carbon Intensity 37th
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