Nothing to hide Air New Zealand?

There are few bigger fans of than me – both of their actual travel, and of their marketing.

However Lance Wiggs blogs that AirNZ are now introducing a credit card charge, if you pay online with one. As 99% of individuals do exactly that, it will be felt. It ranges from $4 to $20 for return fares.

I think this is a very ill considered move from Air New Zealand.

They have spent millions of dollars on a brand of having nothing to hide – of how when they quote a price, there are no hidden extras. And it is one of the things people do like about them.

And then they go and do something which is directly contrary to their brand – a fee that you won’t know about until you get to the pay now section.

Now when I see their ad about nothing to hide, I’ll think “yeah except for your credit card fee”.

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